5 Amazing Gadgets and Tech That Were Unveiled at CES

Reading Time: 2 minutes

CES is over, after making a big bang in Las Vegas this year. Here’s a sampling of some of the fun tech and gadgets revealed at the show:

Big Innovations Cooking in the Home

Fill up the sink or draw a bath using only your voice. Alexa control now works with Delta Touch2O digital taps. Plus, with Google Assistant added to the already-smart Instant Pot, you can now launch dinner with voice command. Or have it check the weather and traffic conditions so you know precisely how long before soccer practice to start that chili.

With SportsArt’s announcement, you can even (hypothetically) power your house with a treadmill. According to SportsArt, the Verde treadmill can generate up to 200 Watt hours of utility-grade electricity.  Of course, it’d be really difficult to run hard enough to run even an LED bulb, but it’s a fantastically cool idea.

Plus, these impressive innovations you can actually get your hands on now:

LG’s CLOi Robot Service

The jaw-dropping CLOi is the range of robots suited to answer a variety of needs (and even whims). CLOi PorterBot carries your luggage through airports to your gate. CLOi ServeBot brings towels, helping with room service and lounge service. CLOi GuideBot helps you shop for, get fitted for, and buy new clothes. CLOi CartBot follows you around the grocery store, carrying your cart items.

The SuitBot version greatly reduces muscle fatigue and reduces lumbar stress.Thanks to LG’s AI and robotics genius, a Jetson-like Rosie could be a part of our future. And 5G’s impending arrival will make even more groundbreaking possibilities a reality. LG also unveiled visions of self-driving vehicles, a smart refrigerator that sees needs and orders groceries, and gesture-controlled shopping screens on the go. And if you didn’t get the chance to see LG’s The Massive Curve Of Nature you can check it out here.

Under Armor Wireless Headphones

Tackle those New Year’s resolutions with the Under Armor True Wireless Flash in-ear headphones. Designed by runners, for runners, these headphones include an IPX7 water-resistance rating to let you run rain or shine. Plus, buying them now gives you a free year-long membership to MapMyRun Premium. Get them now for $169.

Lexar 1TB 633x SDXC UHS-I Memory Card

With this memory card, you can capture more and get it quicker. This flashy new, massive storage memory card is every wedding photographer’s dream. And with high-speed file transfer from the card to your computer, you’ll get it done faster so you can move on to what you do best. Preorder it here for $399.99.

Razer Turret for Xbox One

Gaming on the couch is now possible. The Razer Turretis a wireless keyboard and mouse combining superb precision, comfort, and ease. It features an Xbox key that lets you go straight to the Xbox One dashboard. And the lighting effects that sync with your play add a major cool factor. The Razer Turret will be available for purchase online March 31, but you can get it in Microsoft stores now for $250.