5 Options for Your Next Electric Tea Kettle Purchase

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The electric tea kettle is a great appliance to heat up water for any reason. You may want some tea, coffee, or need some hot water for cooking. Whatever the reason, with an electric tea kettle boiling water is just a tap away.

There are a lot of tea kettles on the market. Which ones, though, should you have your eye on? What are some of the best electric tea kettle options available? Here we will take a look at five options which could make boiling water in your kitchen that much easier. 

What to Look For in an Electric Tea Kettle

There are a lot of factors that put an electric tea kettle at the top of the class. It’s not always the brand name, but instead, it’s the features and versatility of the kettle. To choose the best electric tea kettle for you, consider these questions before buying:

  • Does it need a cord? 
  • How long does it take to boil water? 
  • What material is the tea kettle made out of? 
  • How easy is it to pour?
  • Does it keep water hot after boiling?

All these factors and more need consideration before you move forward. Rather than saying one tea kettle is the absolute best, we will help to categorize them by feature so you can make your own educated decision. 

1. Cuisinart Makes a Great Cordless Electric Tea Kettle Option

Taking the top pick in the cordless electric tea kettle arena is the Cuisinart PerfecTemp cordless electric tea kettle. The Cuisinart brand shows its strength with this model. The 1500-watt electric tea kettle has a 1.7 liter capacity. The cordless tea kettle is also free of BPA.

But what makes this cordless electric tea kettle so great? It comes down to the technology, convenience, and options it presents to users. There are six different preset heat settings to help you steep your tea at that perfect temperature.

When the kettle is ready, it can also keep the water warm for 30-minutes in total with the keep warm feature. Keeping this kettle clean is also simple with its removable and washable scale filter. 

2. You Can Buy an Electric Tea Kettle for Less Than $25

You may not think you can get a quality electric tea kettle for under $25, but it’s possible with a model from Ovente. The Ovente Electric Kettle is a 1,100-watt electric kettle that has a capacity equal to the more expensive options on the market at 1.7 liters. By filling it up with water, you can boil a whole pot of water in less than six minutes.

The price point is the biggest factor in this tea kettle, but it also presents some unique value with its features. You have color options with the kettle so you can help to match it with your style. For further safety, it has an auto shut-off feature, allowing the kettle to stop working when reaching the proper temperature. When no water is in the kettle, it will sense this as well and turn off the heating element.

Also as an add-on bonus, this kettle is free of BPA. 

3. Gooseneck Electric Tea Kettles Are All About the Pour

You may not care about the cordless options or the best bang for your buck. Instead, you may be looking for the best electric tea kettle on the market with the most style. If that is the case, take a close look at the Fellow’s Stagg EKG Electric Kettle.

For anyone who has yet to use a gooseneck kettle, it’s all about the pour. The design here is simple and the aesthetics awe-inspiring. The kettle spout is long and skinny, like the neck of a goose. And the angle makes for a seamless pour into its receiving vessel.

The 1200-watt kettle can boil 0.9 liters of water rapidly. Also, the body of the kettle is entirely stainless steel. This helps the kettle work to keep your water hot for up to 60-minutes in total. When you want a specific temperature for the water, the LCD display allows you to set the temperature and it also tells you the real-time temperature of the water inside. 

4. Want a Stylish Electric Tea Kettle? Go Ceramic

The BELLA Electric 1.5L Ceramic Kettle has a competitive price point and a capacity of 1.5 liters. With 1200-watts of power, you can boil water much faster than your stovetop. The power base is detachable giving you easy and safe access to your water when it’s ready. 

The classic kettle provides a lot of versatility and style here, perfect to go from the counter right to your kitchen table. Whether you’re looking to have tea or coffee with a kettle that will look right at home on your kitchen counter, the BELLA can get it done.

5. Mid-Range Stainless-Steel Electric Tea Kettles Are a Reliable Choice

You may not need anything fancy when it comes to an electric tea kettle. Instead, you may just want a reliable stainless-steel kettle to boil water for your next cup of tea. If that’s the case, check out the Hamilton Beach Brushed Stainless 1.7 Liter Variable Temperature Kettle. With six temperature settings, cord-free serving, and the ability to keep water warm for 30 minutes, you can heat water with precision for any type of beverage or kitchen need.

Making a Decision on Your Next Electric Tea Kettle

The best electric tea kettle for your home comes down largely to subjective tastes. The kettles above all have great features and powerful elements that boil water quickly. The right option for you will come down to personal taste, style, and your existing kitchen décor.