5 Spring Garden Apps & Online Tools

Reading Time: 3 minutes

One of the best parts about a new year is that you get to start dreaming about, visualizing, and planning your spring garden.

To help make sure that this year’s spring garden is as successful as possible, consider downloading some or all of the following gardening apps and online tools.

1. Welcome Bees & Deter Deer With Armitage’s Great Garden Plants App

Armitage’s Great Garden Plants app is a helpful resource for planning a wildlife-friendly spring garden. The creator of the app is Allan Armitage, a professor of horticulture at the University of Georgia. He created the tool to help newbies and green thumbs alike create spring gardens that attract bees but aren’t buffets for hungry deer. 

The app offers a number of features that will help you, from the spring garden planning process through harvest time, including:

  • Updated new information on the best varieties of plants for your specific area
  • Advice on how to grow native plants
  • Tips on how to attract bees and other pollinators to your garden
  • A list of plants that deer don’t like to eat
  • Local garden center information
  • Tips on how to control pests

2. Create Your Perfect Veggie Garden With the Kitchen Garden Planner 

If you want to add a new veggie garden this season or renovate an existing spring garden, the Kitchen Garden Planner online tool will help you meet your veggie garden goals.

There are two garden plan setting templates to select from:

  1. The Pre-Planned Gardens option, which offers 26 choices for vegetable gardens, including raised beds
  2. The Plan Your Own Garden tool, which allows you to create your own garden space

With the Plan Your Own Garden option, you can virtually add crops to the garden. Then, the free planner will automatically fill it in with the correct number of plants based on the size of your vegetable garden.

The free online planner will help you to:

  • Create blueprints for a vegetable garden that will successfully grow lots of produce using the square footage of your garden
  • Save, print, and email your garden design for future reference
  • Learn which vegetables do well in your area, as well as tips on how to grow them

3. Spring Gardening Is Easier Than Ever With the Planter Garden Planner 

The Planter Garden Planner is a tool that helps you to design and properly arrange a vibrant spring garden.

You can use this handy online planner to:

  • Learn which plants do well and benefit each other when grown close to each other
  • Discover which plants don’t get along so you don’t plant them together
  • Determine the best times to plant or transplant in your garden
  • Create a user-friendly gardening grid based on the square footage of your garden space

4. Learn How the Moon Influences Your Spring Garden With the Moon & Garden App

There’s more to growing a successful garden than just quality soil and water. Many people turn to the moon to guide their gardening as part of biodynamic agriculture, which is a holistic approach to gardening.

As the Moon and Garden app teaches you, the moon can influence the health of your plants. This is because the moon not only controls the water in the ocean, but the water in plants, too. At certain times in the moon’s cycle, plants will have more water in the roots or the leaves, and this information can guide you on the best times for harvesting and other tasks.

Use the Moon and Garden app to:

  • Check the calendar to choose the ideal dates for certain chores, including when to plant seeds, weed the spring garden, and prune the plants
  • Store photos of your spring garden as it grows
  • See the weather forecast for your area

5. Grow More Veggies With Smart Gardener 

If you’re determined to grow more of your own food this year but are unsure where to begin, the Smart Gardener online vegetable garden planner can help you meet your goal.

The online planner, which is available for $10 for 90 days or $30 for the whole year, will take your gardening dreams and ideas out of your head and transform them into a thriving spring garden plot.

The online planner will:

  • Create a personalized vegetable garden planner by collecting information about your specific area, the number of people in your household, and garden space
  • Offer recommendations on which plants are ideal for your area, from a list of over 3,000 organic, GMO-free, edible varieties
  • Track which gardening tasks you should do on which days and send you reminders
  • Allow you to record pictures and notes about your garden so you can easily see how the plants are growing

Apps & Online Planners Make Spring Gardening Easier Than Ever

Spring is right around the corner. Before you know it, it will be time to get your hands in the dirt and plant your vegetable and/or flower garden. With the help of gardening apps and online planning tools, this year’s spring garden crop is sure to be extra plentiful.