6 Heated Blankets to Keep You Warm

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Sometimes your home’s heating system just isn’t enough to warm yourself up. But with a heated blanket, you can feel comfortable without cranking up the furnace—helping to shrink your heating bill and your carbon footprint.

Luckily, heated blankets come in a variety of sizes and materials and offer a range of functions and features so you can get just what you want when it comes to staying warm.

So, to help you narrow it all down, we’ve put together a list of quality heated blankets to keep away the chills, including heated throw blankets for the living room and full-sized electric blankets for the bedroom.

How Do Heated Blankets Work?

Heated blankets run an electric current through a heating element, usually wire coils, inside the blanket to create warmth.

Most heating blankets have an attached controller that allows you to adjust the temperature of the entire blanket. But more advanced blankets may have settings like dual control that allow you to heat each half to different temperatures.

What to Keep in Mind When Shopping for Heated Blankets

Let’s explore some of the things you should look for in a heated blanket. Some of these features come down to preference, so think about what you like in terms of materials, size, and settings.  

Think Safety First

You should always check heated blankets for approval from testing laboratories like UL Solutions to ensure it’s safe to use.

Helpfully, many heated blankets offer safety features like shut-off timers and overheating sensors. Be sure to read through the features to see which ones your blanket has.

You can always add another level of safety precaution when you’re using your heated blanket, like setting sleep timers, which can help prevent house fires.

Keep Your Favorite Material in Mind

Look carefully at the material the blanket’s made of. This is particularly important for those with fabric allergies.

You may prefer the luxurious feel of a sherpa or velvet material or you may find it overstimulating. Going to a home goods store to feel different fabrics can help you identify what you like before you commit.

Consider if You Want a Heated Blanket With Advanced Settings

Heated blankets offer a variety of heat settings, timer options, and functions. You may be perfectly content with a simple, three-level heated blanket. On the other hand, you may prefer a more customizable experience.

Pick a Blanket With Easy Care & Washing Instructions

Try to find machine-washable blankets for hassle-free cleaning. Even if the manufacturer marks a blanket as machine-washable, consider how the fabric will hold up to multiple washes.

This is something online reviews can help with. It’s a good idea to see what other buyers say about how the blanket reacts to a machine wash.

Think About Fun Colors & Patterns You May Want

Your blanket should match the rest of your decor. Look for options that offer several color choices or at least one you like.

Don’t Overlook a Generous Power Cable Length

A longer power cable makes a blanket easier to place. Because if your cable is too short, you may need to use extension cords or rearrange your room. Look for a cable that’s long enough to reach the nearest outlets from where you plan to use it.

Now that you have an idea of what to look for in heated blankets, here are our top picks:

1. Control This Smart Blanket From Anywhere

The Warmee Smart Heated Blanket is an electric heated blanket you can connect to Wi-Fi. This allows you to control it using your phone and even your smart home devices like Amazon Echo. Conveniently, this hands-free option gives you the ability to activate your blanket with a simple voice command. Warmee also has a dedicated app so you can pair your phone to your blanket.

The smart blanket comes in four different colors and uses soft plush velvet that doesn’t feel wiry. 

In addition to the color options, Warmee also offers several sizes.

You can choose from:

  • Twin
  • Full
  • Queen
  • King

The number of size options allows you to choose a blanket that will fit your bed perfectly.

Warmee’s blanket is a high-end option, and the price point reflects that. Its Wi-Fi integration is a luxury feature, and buyers should be prepared for the associated cost.

Product Highlights

  • Smart controls: This heated blanket conveniently adjusts heat settings remotely with your phone or smart home device.
  • Quality material: The blanket features super soft plush velvet.
  • Variety of colors and sizes: Warmee offers 4 colors and 4 sizes, suitable for any size bed.

2. Get a Quality Heated Blanket on a Budget

The Degrees of Comfort Microplush Heated Blanket is a great choice for those who want a simpler heated blanket with an approachable price tag. Another way to save money is to size down, as there are six different sizes to choose from.

But despite its price point, the Degrees of Comfort blanket is surprisingly sturdy and effective. The remote is simple to use with three heat settings and there’s an LED display you can view in the dark.

The blanket is microplush on both sides, which is only moderately soft, and not as cozy as other blankets on this list.

Product Highlights

  • Affordability: Even at its biggest size, this option barely exceeds $100.
  • Size and color options: You have 6 sizes and 4 colors to choose from.
  • Easy controls: The blanket offers straightforward controls suitable for any user.

3. Take Your Heated Blanket Anywhere With This Portable Option

Not all heated blankets are plug-in. For example, the Gobi Heat Zen Portable Heated Blanket has a rechargeable battery. On the lowest setting, the blanket will provide heat for up to 10 hours, so you can take it camping or use it outdoors. 

The Gobi Heat blanket’s battery pack is also removable, meaning you can purchase multiple batteries for extended outings.

Another unique feature of this blanket is its zone heating. You can individually adjust the heat levels of three different sections of the blanket if one part of your body is colder than another.

The Gobi Heat blanket is made to be portable, so it only comes in one size. At 70 in. by 50 in., it may not be the best bet if you’re looking for something to cover your king-sized bed.

Product Highlights

  • Portable: The rechargeable battery allows you to use this blanket no matter how far you are from home.
  • Fast heating: The blanket gets warm in as little as 30 seconds.
  • Zone control: You can adjust the temperature of three sections of the blanket individually.
  • Rugged design: This blanket’s durable waterproof construction is ideal for outdoor use

4. Wrap Yourself in Softness With 10 Heat Settings

The name of Shavel’s The Luxury heated blanket says it all. This is a premium option with an underside made of soft velvet. The top side uses Shavel’s trademarked Micro flannel material that pairs perfectly with flannel sheets. The filler material is a synthetic down that gives the blanket unbeatable softness.

The Luxury has 10 heat settings and a programmable timer. It also features a 17-ft. cable so you can run it under the bed to conceal it.

One thing to note: While the seven layers of material contribute to the blanket’s luxurious feel, some may find it a bit stifling. If you prefer lighter bedding, you may want to go with another blanket. 

Product Highlights

  • Luxurious softness: The velvet underside of this blanket is soft and comfortable.
  • Wires fixed in place: The heating elements are tacked into the quilting, so they don’t shift.
  • Long power cable: The 17-ft. power cable is easy to conceal.

5. Keep Your Feet Warm & Cozy

If your feet get colder than the rest of your body, then the Sunbeam Royal Sherpa Footpocket Heated Throw may be for you. The bottom of this Sherpa heated throw blanket has a folded over pocket that you put your feet into for extra coverage there. 

This blanket offers four heat settings and a shut-off timer, and the material is soft and thick. Another plus is that the detachable controller makes it easy to toss into the washer and dryer for easy cleaning.

However, this is a throw blanket. It only comes in a 50-in. by 60-in. throw size, making it a good choice for the couch or recliner, but less than ideal for the bed. Still, the Royal Sherpa Footpocket Heated Throw makes a good personal blanket to warm your feet where you need it.

Product Highlights

  • Foot warming pocket: This blanket features a foot pocket at the bottom for warming your feet.
  • Plush material: The soft sherpa material helps insulate even further.
  • Machine washable: There’s a removable controller so you can clean this blanket in the washing machine (and dry it in the dryer).

6. Consider an Electric Blanket With Deep Compression

Weighted blankets are a fantastic tool for reducing stress and anxiety. But did you know you can find a weighted blanket that also heats up? Consider the Zonli Heated Weighted Blanket.

Zonli’s blanket comes in two different weights for different compression levels. Using glass beads for weight, the blanket stays breathable.

Regarding its heating capabilities, it boasts an impressive 10 heat settings so you can customize your sleep experience. The shut-off timer offers settings for anywhere from 1-12 hours, making it a safe option for overnight or short naps.

There are two things to consider with the Zonli Home Heated Weighted Blanket:

First, it isn’t machine washable, and the manufacturer recommends spot cleaning only.

Second, it only comes in gray, so there aren’t many style options as with other heated blankets.

Product Highlights

  • Heat and weight: This blanket is weighted and heated to simulate being hugged or held.
  • Customizable settings: You’ll get to choose from 10 heat settings, 12 timer options, and 2 weights.

Stay Warm & Comfy With a Heated Blanket

Hopefully now you know what to look for to find the perfect heated blanket to stay warm. Make sure you get a blanket with all the features and functions you need while considering how the fabric feels on your skin and how thick you like your blankets.

Now no matter how cold it gets outside you can enjoy a cozy night’s sleep with your heated blanket.