Add a Towel Warmer to Your Bathroom for an At-Home Luxury Experience

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Few things can beat a relaxing soak in the bath or a high-powered shower after a long day. But a towel warmer makes this experience even more luxurious by heating your towel, helping you avoid a cold shock. 

This relatively easy upgrade can turn your bathroom into a spa-like sanctuary. So, what types of towel warmers are available? Here’s our guide to choosing a towel warmer for your home.

Which Type of Towel Warmer Should You Choose?

A towel warmer comes in many different types such as freestanding or wired-in. The hardwired versions require an electrician to install it for you. Meanwhile, you can set up plug-in versions yourself anywhere there’s a regular power outlet. Each has its own features and benefits, which we’ll outline below.

Pick a Large Wall-Mounted Towel Warmer for the Bathroom or Utility Room

The Ambra Quadro Model Q2054 towel warmer is great for your bathroom. But you could also install it in your laundry or utility room to help dry off outdoor gear. Still, no matter where you mount it, you’ll have access to its 20 crossbars, (with room for up to four towels at a time) making this one of the largest wall-mounted options on the market.

Another handy feature of this stainless steel warmer is its digital heat controller, which lets you choose between nine separate heat levels.

Just be aware that you’ll need an electrician to install this model, as it requires hard wiring and is not something you should attempt yourself for safety reasons.

You Can Still Have a Towel Warmer Even if You’re Short on Space

If you don’t have much space in your bathroom, you’ll be looking for a towel warmer smaller than the Quadro. If this is you, the Regent Towel Warmer from Jerdon may be perfect. Instead of 20 bars, it has just five, so it takes up less space. 

In addition to its compact nature, you can opt for a hardwired version or one that you simply plug in. 

Jerdon designed this model so that it can remain on at all times without overheating. There is no auto shut-off feature so you’ll need to remember to turn it off yourself if you want to save on power bills and use less energy in your home.

A Freestanding Towel Warmer Is a Great Option If You Want to Use It in Different Rooms

If you’re looking for a versatile solution that you can use in the bathroom and elsewhere, consider the Ibiza Freestanding Towel Warmer from Warmly Yours. This six-bar design features polished steel bars that evenly distribute the heat. And it has multiple time settings so you can set it to shut off after just a few hours or stay warm until you manually shut it off.

It comes with a 5.9 ft. cord and an integrated switch controller. This means it’s easy to plug it in wherever you need it, and you can move it around as you want.

The model also has a built-in overheat protection sensor for your peace of mind. 

Hydronic Towel Warmers Use Heated Water to Warm Your Towel or Bathrobe

Combine style and energy efficiency by adding a hydronic towel warmer to your bathroom. Hydronic towel warmers use heated water in the pipes, similar to old-fashioned radiators. 

The stylish Arch Anthracite Hydronic Heated model from Hudson Reed has a dark anthracite finish and looks good with various decors. Further, this type of warmer can heat up a small bathroom, helping you save on energy bills elsewhere.

Another option is to add this towel warmer to a laundry or utility room to help dry clothes when the weather is cold.

Remember, you’ll need a plumber to install this towel warmer, but it comes with a fixing pack containing all the hardware you need.

Consider a Bucket-Shaped Towel Warmer If you Don’t Want a Rack-Style Warmer

Why not consider a bucket towel warmer if you’re searching for something smaller? As the name implies, these products look more like a bucket than a towel rack, but it will still get the job done. 

You can put up to two large bath towels inside the bucket and ensure they’re at the perfect temperature by the time you get out of your bath or shower.

One option is the Zadro Bucket Towel Warmer. It’s lightweight and freestanding, made from metal and plastic. It has an off-white finish with bamboo accents and has a handy built-in storage area in the base for the power cord.

Find the Right Towel Warmer to Create Your Perfect At-Home Luxury Experience

There’s a towel warmer out there that’s just right for you and your bathroom. With a little research and this list, you can find something that will meet your budget, fit your space, and cater to your family’s needs. 

Adding a towel warmer to your bathroom helps make you feel like you’re in a luxurious resort or spa. So, round off that shower or bath in style and step out to a freshly warmed towel.