Counting the Cost of Outdoor Living

Reading Time: 2 minutes

According to our new Allstate Protection Plans Outdoor Products Survey, two-thirds of homeowners report suffering damage to outdoor products every year, yet less than 10% are aware that protection plans can cover outdoor furniture. Yikes! 

Our survey asked a group of 1,000 American homeowners about their experiences with outdoor living products and uncovered some interesting facts and surprising trends. 

A Nation of Outdoor Lovers

Americans love outdoor living and entertaining. What are the most common outdoor items owned? According to our survey:

  • Grills (67%)
  • Patio chairs (58%)
  • Outdoor lighting (48%)
  • Lounge chairs (44%)

Just over three-quarters (79%) of homeowners say they use outdoor items at least once a week and almost a quarter (22%) use them daily. Just over three-quarters (76%) of Americans who own outdoor products use their backyard, porch, patio, or balcony at least three times a week.

Outdoor Living is an Investment

Not only do Americans own plenty of outdoor living items–some of those items are big investments. Of the households that bought outdoor living products last year:

  • 51% spent between $1-$499
  • 29% spent between $500 – $2,499
  • 8% spent over $2,500

What’s Being Damaged

Our research showed that in the past year, the top five items damaged were:

  • Patio chairs (26%)
  • Grills (19%)
  • Lounge chairs (16%)
  • Patio umbrellas (15%)
  • Push mowers 15%

Protection Plans Can Help

While we can’t stop damage from happening, we can protect our outdoor items so that they are repaired or replaced quickly. Unfortunately, while most homeowners know that they can buy protection plans for electronics and appliances inside a home, few are aware protection plans can cover outdoor furniture and gear as well.

  • 61% of American homeowners are aware protection plans can cover smartphones
  • 60% know they can cover laptops and TVs
  • 53% know large appliances can be protected
  • Only 9% know patio tables can be covered
  • 7% are aware patio chairs and umbrellas can be covered
  • Just 6% are aware they can protect lounge chairs.

According to our survey, homeowners report spending over $44 billion repairing or replacing damaged outdoor products. (That’s a lot.) Hopefully, our survey will raise awareness of protection plans for outdoor products so that we can stop paying out-of-pocket to repair or replace them—and enjoy them for years to come.