Eco-Friendly Gadgets for Sustainable Living

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Sustainable living is more important to more people than ever before. And this demand now means there is a wide range of devices and gadgets that promote sustainable living. From your headphones to your appliances, you can enjoy modern life while keeping the environment in mind.

Here’s a list of gadgets that will fit right into your eco-friendly lifestyle.

Sustainable Entertainment Devices Reduce E-Waste

Even during your downtime, you can do your part to help the environment. One way to do this is with your choice of headphones and speakers.

Family members of the late Bob Marley helped create a range of headphones and earphones made for sustainable living. House of Marley Positive Vibration XL Headphones help reduce electronic waste (e-waste) thanks to the use of stainless steel and recycled aluminum. These eco-friendly headphones still deliver deep bass and pristine sound, but made from materials you can feel good about.

If you prefer earbuds over headphones, the company has also created Liberate Air True Wireless Earbuds made with recycled bamboo and plastic.

But when you’re at home, the EnergyStar-approved Vizio 2.1 Surround Sound System lets you play music and movie audio without using a ton of energy. It’s listed as a certified device on the website because of its high energy efficiency compared to other products in its class.

Eco-Friendly Foods & Beverages Reduce Your Environmental Footprint

The way that you source your food and water can also help contribute to sustainable living. For example, whether you’re vegan or just want to eat more plant-based meals, the Hamama Microgreens Kit offers up an easy way to grow greens at home. Best of all, it’s low maintenance, as the Seed Quilt only requires one initial watering.

Once you get your mini garden going, you’ll have microgreens for salads, sandwiches, and other meals. All you need to get started is natural light from a sunny window or a well-lit room.

Meanwhile, the Soma Sustainable Pitcher & Plant-Based Water Filter provides you with pure water without using plastic that may later show up in a landfill. Soma manufactures the pitcher using 100% plant-based compostable material instead of plastic and carbon.

Each Soma filter cleans 40 gallons of water, which is about a four-month water supply for the average household. Its attractive design also means you won’t mind leaving it out on your dining room table or kitchen counter when you need to.

Sustainable Home Appliances & Devices Reduce Energy Use

Certain environmentally friendly appliances can also help you with sustainable living. For instance, the Drumi Portable Non-Electric Washing Machine is a sustainable appliance for doing laundry. It lets you wash clothes with foot action, saving you money on electricity and reducing your carbon footprint.

The Drumi is one of the pricier gadgets on our list, costing $369. But that price tag may not look so bad when you compare it to the cost of a traditional washing machine. Also, the Drumi will pay for itself over time in electricity savings—and give you a low-impact workout to boot.

Another way to up your sustainable living levels is with your home’s thermostat. The Google Nest Thermostat promises to help you fine-tune your comfort—and savings. It enables you to save money whether you’re at home or away and turns down your power when you leave, which lowers your energy consumption. This not only reduces your carbon footprint but saves you money, too. 

You can control the Nest Thermostat from anywhere using the Google Home app. It also sends you system monitoring alerts about your HVAC system.

For a slightly larger investment, the Google Nest Smart Learning Thermostat learns to program your environment based on your preferences and history, helping streamline your energy use even further.

Solar-Charging Gadgets Sustain Themselves 

By making use of renewable energy like solar power, you can help to reduce carbon emissions. As an example, the BioLite Solar Home 620 Portable off the Grid Solar Lighting System is a great solution for camping, outdoor living spaces, and other illumination needs. It collects solar power using a 6-Watt panel and comes with a small wall-mounted control box. The kit also comes with three overhead lights and a motion sensor.

Another sustainable living power solution is the SolarSynthesis Supercharge7 Solar Powered USB Charging Station. It’s an excellent choice for keeping your gadgets powered up using natural resources when in your backyard or anywhere outdoors. You can use it to charge your smartphone or laptop easily using only the energy from the sun.

Our third solar charging option, the Group Hug Window Solar Charger, is great for limited in-home solar power. The company frames the solar panel in sustainable bamboo trim which looks elegant and is a renewable resource itself. You simply hang the charger on your window using its suction cup and it soaks up the rays you can then use to charge your gadgets.

Energy-Monitoring Devices Keep Your Sustainable Living on Track 

A home energy monitor can give you insights into your home’s electrical system, letting you improve the efficiency of your power usage. Once it’s attached to your breaker box, you can monitor your power consumption in real-time.

The Sense Home Energy Monitor learns your various electric-powered appliances using artificial intelligence and machine learning. The Engage Home Energy Monitor is a similar solution that enables you to watch your power consumption.

Home energy monitors typically connect to your main power junction. As a result, it’s a good idea to let a professional do the installation.

Making the Change to a Sustainable Living Lifestyle

There are many easy ways to mix and match sustainable living gadgets to get closer to a highly desirable zero-waste lifestyle. Even your kids can get in on the movement with sustainable school supplies. The only question is, “Where will you begin?”