Emergency Tech You Need for Your Go Bag Kit

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Being prepared for an emergency is important, and a go bag kit can help you leave your home quickly in the case of a fire, flood, hurricane, or other disaster. 

Though we don’t like to think about going through emergency situations, being prepared by having a go bag ready is sure to give you peace of mind should the unthinkable happen. A well-stocked and thought-out go bag kit really can keep you and your family safe and comfortable with things like rechargeable battery packs, a first aid kit, water purifiers, and more.

So, if you want to make sure your emergency go bag has the right contents, here’s some of the emergency tech you should consider adding to your go bag kit.

A Power Bank in Your Go Bag Kit Can Help You Power Other Devices

Power outages are common during emergencies, and you may not be able to charge your smartphones or power things like heaters or fans. So, it’s a good idea to include a rechargeable battery in your emergency kit. If this sounds like something you want to add to your go bag, consider the Anker 511 PowerHouse. This is a high-capacity rechargeable battery capable of powering many different devices. 

This battery charger comes with:

  • 3 USB ports
  • 1 100-watt power outlet
  • A capacity of 24,000 milliampere hours (mAhs), enough to charge an iPhone 13 4 to 5 times
  • 1 built-in flashlight with bright, low, and SOS modes
  • An attachable lanyard for easy carrying and a compact design

In an emergency, especially if you’re forced to be on the move, you can keep essential devices like your phone working when you don’t have power.

Water Purifiers Mean Clean Water Is Always Available

In some emergencies, like earthquakes, reliable access to clean water isn’t always a given. Sure, you can store water, but carrying more than enough for a few days could be difficult. 

So instead of worrying about making space for several water bottles, add the Grayl GeoPress Water Purifier to your go bag kit.

Helpfully, this water purifier cleans 24 oz. of water in just eight seconds. 

The water purifier does this by removing:

  • Viruses
  • Bacteria
  • Heavy metals
  • Microplastics
  • Pesticides  

And it does all this by using ultra-powdered activated carbon. Helpfully, each filter lasts for about 350 cycles.

Additionally, you can add electrolyte or sports drink mixes to the purified water without damaging the filter. This optional step enhances the flavor and helps prevent dehydration and heatstroke.

Remember, when using this device and when drinking water in all other circumstances, you should avoid salty or brackish water and water with high amounts of lead or other contaminants. 

A Radio Can Help You Avoid Surprises

Disasters like fires or hurricanes can damage cell phone towers and make reception unreliable. But, adding a radio to your go bag kit can help you get the latest news and weather reports so you and your family can stay safe. 

If you’d like to add a radio to your emergency bag, the Kaito KA500 AM FM Shortwave Solar Crank Emergency Weather Alert Radio may be right for you.

This emergency radio comes with a:

  • Rechargeable battery
  • Solar panel
  • Micro-USB charging port
  • Port for 3 AA batteries
  • Hand crank
  • Flashlight and reading lamp
  • Water-resistant casing
  • Headphone jack

Helpfully, the solar panel is adjustable, letting you get as much light as possible. Additionally, you can use the hand crank to charge the radio, a smartphone, and other devices.

This device receives broadcasts from the National Weather Service, AM, FM, and shortwave radio. It’s portable and easy to use, even when you don’t have a charged battery or a power source nearby. 

Be Prepared With a First Aid Kit

If roads are closed in an emergency, getting to a doctor or a hospital after an injury could be difficult. But luckily you can treat yourself for many issues if the Adventure Medical Kits Sportsman 400 is in your go bag kit. 

This medical kit comes with:

  • A thermometer
  • Aspirin
  • Ibuprofen
  • Acetaminophen
  • Antihistamine
  • A CPR face shield
  • Antibiotic ointment
  • Nitrile gloves
  • A splint for fractures or sprains
  • A first aid manual

Other benefits of this medical kit include that its case is waterproof, and it has enough first aid supplies to treat 10 people for up to two weeks.

If you buy this kit, you should add any prescription medication that you take, as well as digital copies of your driver’s license, medical records, and other information.

Buy A Premade Go Bag Kit

If you don’t want to spend time putting together a go bag kit, you can buy a premade one with many of the items you need already in it.

Consider the Emergency Zone Family Prep Survival Kit if you’d like a go bag that comes already assembled. Luckily, this one has the supplies necessary to sustain four people for 72 hours. Plus, the food ration bars can last for five years.

You’ll also get: 

  • Chlor-Floc water purification pouches
  • A flashlight
  • A weather radio
  • Work gloves
  • A multitool knife
  • A can opener
  • 4 sleeping bags

This go bag kit comes with two bright red backpacks, which come in handy if you want to add to the kit. Even if you choose to buy this go bag kit, it’s a good idea to add some of the other items we’ve have listed here, such as the Kaito KA500 AM FM Shortwave Solar Crank Emergency Weather Alert Radio, since they aren’t included.

Being Prepared for an Emergency Helps You & Your Family Stay Safe

Fires, floods, and other disasters often happen suddenly, so it’s a good idea to be prepared well in advance of any problems. Having the right technology and supplies in your go bag kit can help you stay comfortable and safe and give you access to the survival gear you need.