Have You Tried a Smart Bag? Now’s the Time.

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As high-tech gadgets become more and more accessible, the smart bag has increased in popularity. From luggage you can ride like a scooter to bags that will carry themselves, smart bags are the luggage pieces of the future.

In this helpful guide, we’ll give you an overview of some smart bag options available today. Then, we’ll break down what features you should look for and provide some tips on finding the best smart bag for you.

What Is a Smart Bag?

Let’s take a look at what makes a smart bag “smart.” Smart bags combine a variety of tech features with clever storage solutions so you can stay connected on the go.

Here are some of the common features you might see in a smart bag:

Phone Chargers

One of the most important characteristics of smart bags is their ability to keep your devices charged while traveling. Built-in power banks allow you to charge your phone or other devices directly from your bag. Some smart bags have a USB port that connects to a battery, while others have wireless charging pads built in.

However, for a bag’s charging capability to be effective, it should be able to charge your phone at least twice on one charge. If not, you’ll have to charge your bag every time you charge your phone.

Removable Batteries

Some smart bags take charging capabilities to the next level with removable lithium batteries. This type of battery offers flexibility and convenience. Since the battery is removable, you can carry an extra power source separately in case you run out of power. This backup power option is especially useful for frequent flyers who need a reliable power supply for their devices.

Another benefit of removable batteries is that they’re easier to fly with. Airlines have varying restrictions on what kind of smart luggage you can fly with. You can carry on some smart bags, but not check them. Another reason to look into a smart bag with removable batteries is that it makes it more likely that you can check your bag.

Digital Locks

A digital lock provides a simple and secure way to protect your valuables.  Smart bags often come with digital locks to give you an extra layer of security for your belongings. With digital locks, there’s no need to hassle with traditional locks or worry about losing your keys.

If you opt for a locking bag, be sure to get one with a TSA-compliant lock so security doesn’t have to damage your bag during inspection. While screening, TSA agents may need to open your bag. Helpfully, they have master keys that can open any TSA-compliant locks. But if you use one that isn’t compliant, they’ll have to cut the lock open.

RFID Protection

Your smart bag will also likely hold several of your electronics and credit cards. For this reason, a radio frequency identification (RFID) blocker is another useful feature to have. A protective layer of material prevents hackers from stealing sensitive information from your cards and devices.

GPS Capability

You’ll never lose track of your bag again with a smart bag’s built-in GPS. Smart bags with GPS capability allow you to track the location of your luggage in real time. 

With this capability, you can usually use your phone or smart device to see where your bag is. This is a particularly useful feature for travelers who often check their bags or travel to unfamiliar destinations.

Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Connection

Many smart bags offer Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. Some smart bags can even serve as a hotspot for your laptop or other devices that need Wi-Fi. 

The Bluetooth connectivity allows you to use your phone or tablet to control smart features like digital locks. Smart bags can also use Bluetooth connections to send you a proximity alert if you get too far away from your bag.

How to Choose the Right Smart Bag

With the number of options available, choosing the best smart bag for your needs can be a challenge.

Here are some things to consider when deciding on a smart bag:

Identify Your Your Must-Have Features

Before you decide, do some research on what different smart bags offer. Some bags spotlight high-tech features that are interesting on paper but aren’t something you’ll use enough to make it worth the cost.


Not all smart bags use the same materials, and some are more resistant to dents and scratches. Try to find a bag made of durable materials like aluminum.

Battery Life

You should also consider how often you’ll use the bag’s charging function. If you have a lot of devices to charge, it’s worth spending more on a bag with a long battery life.

Bag Capacity

Your smart bag’s capacity depends on your travel habits. If you fly often with minimal luggage, a compact carry-on may be just the right size. However, if you tend to take longer trips, opt for a larger suitcase with ample storage space.

Read Reviews & Recommendations

Once you know what functions you need in your smart bag, narrow down your list to a few options. Read reviews from several different sources to get a broad sense of what people like and dislike about the bag. Then, after you’ve read through some reviews and feel comfortable, you can make an informed choice.

Smart Luggage: Upgrade Your Travel Experience

For frequent flyers who want to take their suitcase into the digital age, smart luggage offers advanced tech and features. Let’s explore some of the options you have to choose from for smart luggage.

Go Hands-Free With a Bag That Follows You

It seems like something out of a science fiction movie, but there are several totally hands-free bags on the market. One of our favorites is the Airwheel SR5 Smart Following Suitcase, which will roll right next to you at a speed of up to 4 mph using omnidirectional wheels and cameras to detect its surroundings.

With a removable lithium battery, the SR5 can charge your devices on the go and is safe to check or carry on.

Because of the advanced tech, keep in mind that this a premium piece of luggage, and the price reflects that. Another thing to consider with the SR5 is its weight. With the motorized components, the SR5 weighs over 13 lbs.

Make Short Trips a Breeze With a Spinner

The Travelpro Platinum Elite Carry-On Spinner features wheels that rotate independently, making the bag easier to maneuver in a crowded airport. 

This smart carry-on bag has a sleek design with an external USB port for charging and a spacious interior, so it’s a great choice for short trips.

By minimizing the built-in tech, the Platinum Elite sits at a very modest price point for smart luggage. Though it doesn’t include a power bank, it does have a built-in pocket to insert your own power bank and connect to the external port.

One of the best features is the unexpected fold-out drop-in garment bag, so you can keep your clothes wrinkle-free in your carry-on.

Turn Heads With a Smart Bag You Can Ride On

Airwheel made our list twice with this bag. The Airwheel SE3S Smart Riding Suitcase has a fold-out motorized scooter so you can zoom through the airport riding on your luggage.

With all the charging capabilities of the SR5 and built-in scooter, the SE3S is a multi-functional carry-on bag. Any traveler may enjoy the scooter function, but this is also a great choice for travelers with limited mobility.

Get Top-Notch Design Features On a Budget

There are a lot of features packed into the Heys SmartLuggage 21” Carry-on at an attractive price. Plus, this smart bag uses AAA batteries, making it suitable for carry-on or check-in use.

The Heys carry-on also features a built-in scale, as well as a Bluetooth TSA smart lock. You can lock and unlock your bag with your phone and airline security can open the bag without damaging it.

Charge Your Devices Anywhere With a Solar-Powered Smart Backpack

The Voltaic Systems Array Solar Backpack may be a great choice, especially if you’re trying to achieve a sustainable lifestyle. The back surface of this backpack is a solar panel, so you can power your electronics anywhere, whether on a camping trip or hiking excursion. 

And this backpack is TSA approved. So, you can use it as your carry on when flying (but can’t check it).

Luckily, the Solar Backpack is also versatile, as its battery pack also allows for charging with an electrical outlet if the sun isn’t out.

Find the Perfect Smart Bag for All Your Adventures

Whether you want a smart bag for everyday use or a high-tech carry-on, there’s something to suit your lifestyle. Research carefully before you purchase and have a clear idea of what features you want your bag to have. Also, be sure to choose a well-reviewed smart bag for peace of mind.

Whatever your next adventure, a smart bag will keep you plugged in no matter where you go.