How a Wax Warmer Can Up Your Home Scent Game

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A wax warmer or a candle warmer is a popular way to fill your home with pleasant and relaxing scents without the potentially dangerous open flame of a burning candle.

Keep reading to learn more about wax warmers and candle warmers, how they work, and why they may be a good choice for your home. 

What Is a Wax Warmer?

Wax warmers, which can also be called wax burners or wax melters, feature a melting cup where you place scented wax cubes. There’s a heat source under the melting cup, often a small lightbulb, that warms the wax cubes and causes them to emit fragrance into the room.

Wax warmers are available in different models:

  • Outlet plug-in
  • Electric tabletop  
  • Battery-operated

People often choose a wax warmer over a candle because they prefer not to have the fire hazard of an open flame in their home, especially if they have children or pets.

What Is a Candle Warmer?

A candle warmer looks like a regular lamp with a platform base. But the base has an important job because it’s where you place your candle. The lamp warms the candle from above, which helps melt the wax and releases its scent into the room.

Candle warmers are similar to wax warmers in some ways. For instance, they don’t involve an open flame, and they offer some of the aesthetic qualities of a traditional scented candle.

Some people choose a candle warmer over a wax warmer because you can use them with candles you already have, rather than having to buy wax cubes, which most people don’t have lying around.

Benefits of Wax Warmers & Candle Warmers

There are a number of reasons that wax warmers and candle warmers are gaining in popularity:

  • Candles with open flames can be dangerous, especially in homes with pets and/or small children
  • Some wax and candle warmers come with a timer for added convenience
  • The wax cubes and candles in a candle warmer usually last longer than simply burning candles

If you’re ready to add a wax warmer or candle warmer to your home, consider the following models:

The Righteous Radiance Candle Warmer Lamp Is Safe & Relaxing

Social Shop’s Righteous Radiance Candle Warmer Lamp allows you to use your traditional wax candles in a safe and easy way.

The benefits of this candle warmer include:

  • A heating element that works quickly, releasing the candle’s scent into the room
  • Easy setup—just plug it in wherever you wish to use it
  • It’s compatible with any candle

The Righteous Radiance Candle Warmer is made from iron and oak, and the on/off switch includes a rotary dimmer that can adjust the light level.

The Original Warmer Features Automatic Shut Off Feature

The Original Warmer from Candle Warmers melts scented candles to release their pleasant aroma.

The candle warmer:

  • Will safely warm candles without the use of a flame
  • Can be used with jar candles from 4 to 12 oz.
  • Comes with a 3-ft. cord with a dial switch

The Original Warmer is also programmed to turn off automatically after eight hours of use.

Enjoy a Soothing Glow & Lovely Fragrance With the Illumination Fragrance Warmer

The Soft Mint Illumination Fragrance Warmer from Candle Warmers features a beautiful precision-cut pattern and emits a soothing scent from the wax cubes.

This wax warmer:

  • Comes with an NP5 light bulb that will safely warm the wax cubes
  • Has a 3-ft. long cord with an easy on/off dial switch
  • Features a soft matte finish and a mint-colored glaze
  • Comes with a 1-year limited warranty

A Wax Warmer With a Timer Lets You Decide How Long You Want It To Run

The Tabletop Wax Warmer from Happy Wax includes a three, six, or nine-hour timer. This allows you to decide ahead of time how long the device will work.

The compact wax warmer is compatible with all brands of wax melts and features:

  • A rechargeable battery that lasts up to 2 hours when fully charged
  • A USB to USB-C type cable for longer usage
  • A built-in ceramic heater

This wax warmer does not emit light, but it does fill a room with scent very quickly.

Add a Golden Glow With a Whimsical Owl-Shaped Wax Warmer

Fans of owls may want to try the Whoot Warmer from Scentsy.

This wax warmer looks like a cute sculpture of an owl, and emits a soothing golden glow when turned on.

The Whoot Warmer features:

  • A 25-watt lightbulb that will gently melt the wax cubes, which are sold separately
  • An easy-to-use on/off flip switch
  • A lifetime warranty

Like other wax warmers, you simply add the wax cubes into the Whoot Warmer dish, plug it in, turn it on, and enjoy light and fragrance.

Small Wax Warmers Plug Directly Into an Outlet

Wax warmers can also plug directly into virtually any outlet in your home. For instance, the Outlet Plug-In Wax Warmers from Happy Wax plug into an outlet, and have an on/off switch on the front.

These small-but-mighty electric wax warmers:

  • Hold 1 or 2 standard-sized wax melts
  • Feature a rotatable base for horizontal or vertical outlets
  • Use a 15-watt incandescent bulb
  • Come in a variety of colors and finishes to fit seamlessly into your decor

The plug-in wall wax warmer also comes with a “no mess” flexible silicone dish, which allows for easy cleaning.

Wax & Candle Warmers Will Take Your Home Scent to the Next Level

Wax warmers and candle warmers offer an easy, safe, and convenient way to enjoy the benefits of traditional scented wax candles. Whether you go for a candle warmer to use with your collection of wax candles or a wax warmer with scented wax cubes, you’re sure to elevate your home fragrance game.