How to Create the Perfect Homework Environment

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Now that school is starting up again, you’ve probably already invested time and money into making sure your kid has the school supplies they need.

But when powering through homework at home, it’s important for kids to have a productive space. It’s difficult to avoid distractions in a common area such as the kitchen table or the living room couch. But by setting up a spot that’s dedicated exclusively to homework, you’ll make it easier for your child to complete their assignments. 

Here are a few tips to help you create the perfect homework environment. 

Adjust the Furniture to Their Size

The first step to setting up your kid’s homework space is to make the furniture comfortable. Otherwise, the constant shifting and fidgeting will break their concentration and can lead to unhealthy slouching.

You can customize an adjustable desk and chair set according to your child’s exact size. For example, Vivo offers a set that’s designed for ages three to 10, so kids can keep using the furniture even as they grow. 

For a more affordable solution, you can adjust existing furniture with pillows to prop your kid up and a footstool or stack of books to support their feet. 

Add Accessories for Organization & Efficiency

Once you have the furniture for your homework space, add some smaller additions to improve efficiency, such as:

  • Backpack hooks: Use simple hooks in easy-to-spot and easy-to-reach areas so kids have all books and supplies at their fingertips.
  • A calendar: Keep a calendar somewhere your student can see it at all times to help manage assignments and due dates. 
  • Color-coded folders: Use a set of folders that are color-coded for each subject. And within each folder, use separate tabs for homework assignments, tests, projects, etc. This is another tool that will help students stay organized. 
  • A white noise machine: Even if the homework space is tucked away in your child’s bedroom, a guest room, or a study, distracting noises can still make their way there. A white noise machine will block out unwanted sounds, improving concentration. 

Personalize the Homework Environment

If you want them to actually use the items listed above, let your kid pick them out. This way, they’ll feel like it’s a choice they’re making rather than something that’s being forced on them. 

For some more expensive items, like adjustable furniture, you may want to control the choice. But for smaller items like the calendar and folders, let them choose the styles and designs that they like the most—and that they’ll be excited to use.

You can also encourage them to pin up tests they’ve aced and their favorite art projects for inspiration and to make the space their own. 

With a personalized, organized, and comfortable homework environment, your child will have a much easier time succeeding in school.