How To Take Care of Your New TV

Reading Time: 3 minutes

The holiday season has come and gone, which means you probably have some new gadgets and toys. If a new TV has joined your home in the new year, there are important things to know when it comes to caring for it.

The Complete Guide to Taking Care of Your New TV

Make Sure to Turn Your TV Off Regularly

Start the new year with a habit that ensures a long lifespan for your TV: turn it off when you’re not using it.

TVs have roughly around 60,000 hours to give in their lifetime. While many newer TVs have power-saving modes, it helps to cultivate the habit of turning off the TV when you’re not using it.

If you fall asleep while watching, set a timer to make sure the TV powers off when your movie or show is finished.

Adjust Settings For Optimal Brightness

If your TV is set to the highest brightness level, your eyes and your screen will suffer long term. If you have the brightness on high for too long, it will also shorten the lifespan of the TV.

For the optimal brightness, check the settings the next time you turn your TV on to watch a show. Simply go into the settings that affect how the screen is displayed. From there you can lower and adjust brightness levels for ideal viewing.

Manage Contrast Levels for Picture Quality

Proper contrast can help with your TV’s longevity. Not all shows and movies reveal the contrast levels in an obvious way. This is why it’s important to go into the settings and check the contrast levels.

High contrast levels shorten your TV’s lifespan and eventually affects picture quality. Before you watch the next action-packed adventure movie that includes fast flashes, make sure to go into your new TV’s settings to lower the contrast for screen longevity.

Use Voltage or Surge Protectors

When the power goes out, the last thing you want to worry about is your TV taking a hit of damage. Voltage and surge protectors ensure that your electronics are safe from power surges. They also protect against fluctuating power levels during storms or electrical maintenance in your neighborhood.

Voltage regulators are also ideal for other electronics, including:

  • Kitchen appliances
  • Washers and dryers
  • Personal or work computers

Prevent Permanent Burn-Ins

Burn-ins occur when your TV stays on one screen for too long. This causes the image to be imprinted on screen, which negatively impacts the picture quality and your ability to watch new shows.

To ensure burn-ins don’t happen, you can set your TV to have a moving screen saver. You can also set your new TV to automatically turn off when not in use. Overall, this keeps the TV healthy and saves the frustration of having to get a replacement when the problem is preventable through daily routines.

Allow For Ventilation

Electronics need space to cool down. TVs generate heat while in use, which can cause them to overheat if not placed in an open area where it can cool off.

Overheating can cause your new TV to malfunction in different ways such as shutting off when you least expect it. So keeping the temperature low helps it have a longer lifespan.

Clean Your Screen

Take the time to regularly clean your TV screen when you can. Dust and fingerprints collect over time on the screen, which can cause scratches or affect visibility.

Take an anti-static electricity cleaning cloth and gently press it on the screen. Move the cloth in slow motions across the screen until it’s clear of dust and grime.

Never use water when cleaning your TV screen. Instead, add a small amount of spray specifically for keeping screens clean. The formula helps remove dust for a cleaner surface.

Keep Dust Under Control

Dust has an expert way of weaving into your electronics that causes slow responses over time. Make a habit of continually dusting around your new TV when you can.

Dusting not only helps lengthen your TV’s lifespan, but it also helps you keep your home clean and healthy.

Care for Your New TV with Adequate Room Temperatures

The temperature in your home affects your TV’s ability to regulate itself. If you live in a cold environment that can freeze indoors, your TV will collect condensation within its electrical wiring that can cause issues over time.

Regulate your home’s environment by ensuring low-humidity levels and keeping room temperatures above freezing.

With your new TV, there are endless possibilities for entertainment. Make sure you take the time to care for your new addition so that you can enjoy crystal-clear picture quality for years to come.