Indoor Projector Screens to Build a Home Theater

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Why go to the movies when you can set up a theater in the comfort of your own home? Indoor projector screens let you transform your living room, bedroom, or even home office into a special space to watch your favorite film or TV show. 

So, grab some popcorn and get ready for some inspiration. Here are several ideas on how to use indoor projector screens to create an in-home theater.

Keep Things Traditional With a Drop-Down Projector Screen

One of the earliest designs for indoor projector screens was the simple drop-down model. It’s still around decades later because its simplicity works. 

Many modern pull-down screen mounts, like Elite Screens’ Manual B Series, can attach directly to your ceiling or wall. Simply pull the screen down when you want to create a home theater, and then let it roll back up when you’re done. 

With such simple storage, you can install these projectors in almost any room. And things get even easier with motorized models like Akia Screens’ electric projector screen. Just press a button and the screen automatically drops down or rolls up—can’t get any easier than that. 

Try a Floor Projector Screen for Easy Storage 

A modern twist on the traditional pull-down screens is the floor projector screen. Instead of automatically dropping down, these motorized models lift the screen up from a floor mount. 

For example, the Vividstorm screen has a black floor mount that easily blends in with your room or stores under your furniture. 

Then when you want to watch a movie, the screen rises up with the touch of a button. The tab-tensioned technology ensures the screen stays straight and wrinkle-free without wall mounts. 

Unfortunately, this innovative technology comes a higher price tag. However, the light-resistant screen and easy storage may be worth the investment.

Make Your Home Theater Portable

If you can’t decide where you want to set up a home theater or don’t want to drill any holes in your walls, consider portable indoor projector screens. 

For example, Kodak offers an indoor projector screen that comes with a tripod stand. Meanwhile, Mooka offers a similar model with a frame stand. You can place either screen anywhere you want, even in front of furniture. This may be the best solution if you don’t have enough blank wall space to hang a screen.

And then when you need a change of scenery, you can pack up the screen and move it to a new space. But instead of the screen rolling up into a wall or ceiling mount, you manually disassemble it and store it in a carrying bag.

If its more portability you’re looking for, you can go with Kodak’s pocket projector. You can bring this indoor projector with you easily to a friend’s house, a workspace, or a college dorm room. 

Space-Saving Indoor Projector Screens 

Space-saving indoor projector screens are perfect for studio apartments, shared spaces, and small rooms. For example, the VIVOHOME screen measures 100 inches, but its durable triangle stand fits into a corner. It also doubles as a hanging projector screen but without the wall or ceiling mounts, so you don’t have to worry about a permanent fixture or wall damage. 

Another option is Epson’s ES1000 Ultra Portable Tabletop Projection Screen, which is small enough to place on a table, desk, or another piece of furniture. This flexibility truly lets you convert any room into a home theater.

Paint on Your Projector Screen

Indoor projector screens can be installed on just about every wall of your home with just one coat of ProjectorScreen paint

Sometimes when you try to project a movie onto a plain white wall, the viewing quality doesn’t compare to your TV or a regular projector screen. The reason for this diminished quality is that the paint doesn’t reflect light well enough to produce a clear image. 

ProjectorScreen paint fixes this, so all you have to do is point the projector at the wall. Keep in mind, though, that the white may look different from the other white walls in your room. Still, it’s a cost-effective solution that simplifies your home theater setup.

Set up the Home Theater of Your Dreams With Indoor Projector Screens

No matter the size of your space, you can create a home theater perfect for movie nights or a marathon video game session using these indoor projector screens. 

From tabletop models to wide pull-down screens, you can find a range of indoor projector screens to suit your home and budget. Plus, the portable options allow you to bring your theater space anywhere.

Consider the options above and enjoy a new movie-viewing experience right in your home.