Keep Your Plant Babies Alive With a House Plant App

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We would all love to keep indoor houseplants, but not all of us have a thumb as green as we’d like. Luckily, the best house plant app can help ensure your plant babies are healthy and happy.

Here are five house plant apps that can help you keep your house plants alive and thriving:

Never Miss Watering Your Plants With the Planta App

Life can get busy, and there may be times when you forget to water your houseplants. The Planta house plant app for iOS and Android devices can keep you on track by sending you reminders on when to water your plants, as well as complete other plant-related chores.

Start by creating a list of the houseplants you own. Then the app, which is free and offers in-app purchases, will send you reminders when it’s time to:

  • Water
  • Fertilize
  • Mist
  • Clean
  • Re-pot

The Planta app also includes a plant identification feature. Simply take a picture of your mystery plant and Planta will let you know what it is.

Just getting started with indoor gardening? The Planta app will also let you know which plants are best suited for your home based on its light conditions.

Identify Plants You Want To Buy With the PictureThis App

Plant labels can sometimes be ambiguous. You may be unsure what a vague name like “Desert House Plant” means when shopping for new plants, and if it will thrive in your home.

Thanks to the iOS and Android PictureThis app, this scenario won’t be a problem.

The free house plant app, which also offers in-app purchases, will quickly and accurately identify plants. Take or upload a photo of any plant, and you’ll get immediate identification of what you’re looking at.

The PictureThis app uses innovative artificial intelligence technology to:

  • Accurately identify plants
  • Help diagnose sick plants
  • Offer treatment suggestions

The PictureThis app will also identify if a house plant is toxic. This makes the app ideal for pet owners and parents of young children to help you avoid purchasing plants that are poisonous if eaten.

The PictureThis app will also give you reminders for:

  • Watering
  • Fertilizing
  • Other plant-related tasks

Connect With Other Gardeners With the PlantSnap App

It can be enjoyable to connect with other fans of indoor plants. And the PlantSnap house plant app, for iOS and Android devices, allows you to do just that.

You can use this free house plant app to share photos and ideas with other “PlantSnappers” around the world.

PlantSnap will also:

  • Identify 90% of all known species of trees and plants
  • Translate into 37 languages so you can use it virtually anywhere
  • List places where you can find plants online to purchase

The PlantSnap house plant app has over 600,000 plants in its user-friendly database. It will give you the name of the plant, and also a link to, where there’s more information about the plant.

Create a Visual Journal of Your Plants With Bloomscape’s Vera

Bloomscape sells already-potted plants online, but they also have a handy and free house plant app. Bloomscape’s Vera app works as a plant journal. But it also includes a library filled with plant care tips and advice. This will help you learn how to properly re-pot virtually all indoor plants or if and when you should trim them back.

Use the iOS and Android app to:

  • Write your thoughts, plans, and ideas about your indoor houseplant garden
  • Log your plant care activities
  • Add photos of your current crop of plant babies
  • Read plant care tips and tricks

You can also create a profile for each one of your houseplants. Use the app to:

  • Name the plant
  • Add its “adoption date”
  • Upload photos
  • Add custom schedules for watering and fertilizing each plant

You can also set reminders for when you need to water and feed your plants. Additionally, the Bloomscape’s Grow-How Team offers advice and tips on caring for your plants if you’re not sure how often to do these tasks.

Identify More Than 10,000 Plants, Flowers, Succulents & More With Blossom

The Blossom app, which is available for iOS and Android devices, can identify more than 10,000 plants. It’s database contains images and information on: 

  • Flowers
  • Succulents
  • Trees 

Take a photo of your houseplant, or use a photo from your collection, and the free house plant app will let you know what kind of plant it is.

The Blossom app will also:

  • Give you in-depth information on plant care including when to water and fertilize
  • Remind you when it’s time to water, fertilize, or re-pot your houseplants
  • Help you keep track of your houseplants in the “My Garden” section
  • Keep tabs on the plants you want to own with the “Wishlist” feature

Additionally, this app helps you diagnose what’s possibly wrong with houseplants that aren’t looking or doing well. It can help figure out what’s going on and offer advice on how to treat plant diseases and prevent them.

This house plant app will also connect you with a botany expert, who will provide more advice on what may be wrong with your plants, as well as offer tips on how to properly care for them.

House Plant Apps Help Keep Your Thumb Greener Than Ever

Growing an indoor garden can be a rewarding hobby. So, starting your house plant app collection with these suggestions will help ensure that your plant babies will be properly watered, fed, and thrive in your home. From house plant apps that remind you when to water and feed your plants to those that connect you with other gardeners and more, your thumb will be green in no time.