Make Your Kitchen Unique With a Retro Fridge

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A new retro fridge is a cool way to keep your food fresh. Many people like these retro fridges because they give you the style you want with modern efficiency and features. 

So, if you’re interested in adding a retro fridge to your kitchen, here’s some info on their benefits as well as as list of our favorite retro refrigerators.

What Is a Retro Fridge?

Modern fridges are more reliable and better for the environment because they use less energy. Also, their added efficiency can make them cheaper to operate. However, the stainless steel refrigerators popular today may not match your home décor. So this is where a retro fridge could be a better choice. 

Retro refrigerators look like many refrigerators built in the 1950s and 1960s. This is why they come in many different retro colors, styles, and sizes.

Some are combinations of freezers and refrigerators, and others are only fridges. Luckily if you want a retro fridge but are short on space, mini-fridges are available as well.

Reasons to Choose a Retro Fridge

Here are some reasons why you may want to choose a retro fridge:

  • They’re smaller than modern fridges, so they’re ideal for people who don’t need a big fridge
  • They can give your kitchen a unique look without the expense of a total renovation 
  • Most combine modern technology and energy efficiency with vintage style
  • Many have ceramic surfaces that don’t show smudges, stains, or fingerprints as easily as modern fridges

Top Retro Style Refrigerators

Here are some of the best retro refrigerators available:

Match Your Galanz Retro Fridge With Other Retro Kitchen Appliances 

The Galanz 10 Cu Ft Retro Top Mount Refrigerator has a top freezer with a capacity of 2.42 cu ft and a refrigerator with a 7.42-cu ft capacity. Along with the size, it comes with many features, including:

  • Adjustable electrical thermostat
  • LED interior light
  • Crisper with a glass cover
  • 3 removable glass shelves
  • A chrome handle with a retro style

You can choose from several colors and the company makes other appliances to match, including:

  • Microwaves
  • Blenders
  • Ovens
  • Coffee machines
  • Toasters

iio Combines Retro Style With Modern Efficiency 

The Retro RR1 retro-style fridge by iio has XtremeFreeze capabilities that help retain foods’ flavor, nutrients, and color.

Additionally, it’s an Energy Star appliance, so you can take advantage of its power-saving EcoMode. It also features the AdapTech cooling system, which anticipates when you’ll need more cooling. In yet another energy-saving feature, this retro fridge also has temperature alarms to help you avoid accidental food spoilage.

This retro fridge has 12 cu ft of total space, split between the refrigerator, which has 8.5 cu ft of space, and the freezer, which has 3.5 cu ft of space.

Compact Kenmore Retro Fridge Saves Space 

When you’re looking for a smaller-size retro fridge, look no further than the Kenmore 99098 Retro Compact Refrigerator. This retro fridge boasts 4.4 cu ft of volume, which makes it ideal for a tiny home, dorm, or office. 

While this model doesn’t have a freezer, there’s a quick-cooling compartment for chilling drinks and other items without much waiting.

But if it’s retro styling you want, this vintage mint green color is sure to excite.

Choose Your Own Style With a Smeg Retro Fridge 

The Smeg FAB32URPG3 retro fridge comes in a beautiful retro pastel green color. Other design highlights are the chrome handles and the chrome trim on the glass shelves, which give the fridge a refined look even when you open the door.

This fridge boasts a total 12.89 cu ft of volume with 7.2 cu ft in the fridge and 3.43 in the freezer. 

Other features include an audio and visual alarm to tell you if you leave the door open, which helps you avoid spoiled food and energy inefficiency. 

And if the pastel green color won’t fit in with your decor, Smeg has other retro fridges in different colors and even ones that feature Snoopy and Mickey Mouse artwork.

Retro Refrigerators Add Style to Your Kitchen 

Buying a new refrigerator that matches your kitchen and meets all your needs can be difficult. But you don’t have to trade style for modern convenience. These retro fridges feature everything you want in a modern fridge along with the cool retro look that will set your kitchen apart from the rest.