New iPhones 8, 8+ and X: Better Than Ever?

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After Apple’s announcement of the new iPhones on September 12th, everyone’s been abuzz about the new features of the 8, 8+ and X. Here’s a look at what upgrades these devices have and how they differ from each other.

Shared Features

Apple’s new lineup has some things in common. For one, they all have wireless charging. This is great for anyone who slips into bed then fumbles with their charging port. Stations like these are expected to pop up in restaurants, coffee shops and airports. Now, to dive into the specifics for each device.

About the 8 and 8+

Inside the iPhone 8 and 8+ is some of the most powerful hardware ever. The new A11 Bionic and A120 Fusion cores are 70 percent and 25 percent faster, respectively, with nearly the same battery life. The boosted GPU power means games run faster and augmented reality apps run extraordinarily well.

Portrait mode receives multiple upgrades to make your photos more realistic and dramatic. The camera senses 3-dimensional planes and maps lighting effects in real-time. True Tone makes it possible to have a wider color spectrum with technology that adjusts white balance to fit the lighting around you.

The Anniversary iPhone

The shining star of the Apple announcement was the iPhone X. The display is edgeless and beautifully follows the curves of the device itself. OLED has advanced enough to meet Apple’s high standards, so your screen will have stunningly accurate blacks and whites with a 1,000,000 to 1 contrast ratio. No word yet on how durable the glass front and back will be (on either devices) but we have a hunch this may be the devices downfall.

Finally, the new way to unlock your iPhone X is Face ID. When you set up your phone, it will learn your face with a 3D map and contour technology. Face ID will recognize you even if you change your hairstyle or put on glasses. Face ID also lets you make custom emojis with Animoji.

Apple hit it out of the park with this new lineup and we have all the information you need to know. We’ll keep an eye on what’s coming, so return to SquareTrade to find out more. Furthermore, don’t forget to protect your pricey devices for less!

Photo cred: Apple.come