Party Gadgets You Need to Watch the Big Game

Reading Time: 3 minutes

When the whole crew is coming over to watch the big game, you need to make your gathering as enjoyable as possible. And that means the best party gadgets.

We’ve got some suggestions to take your party to the next level from how to make the watching experience the best to fun kitchen gadgets to elevate your food and beverage game, too.

Upgrade to a Large & Smart Roku TV

A nice TV is the ultimate party gadget to get before the big game. So, now is the perfect time to upgrade your TV to a big screen. For instance, the TCL 50-inch 4K Smart Roku TV offers amazing 4K HDR picture quality at an affordable price.

This TV features:

  • Quantum Dot Technology, which offers sharp contrasts and vivid colors
  • Dolby Atmos for a surround sound experience
  • The ability to stream free TV, sports, movies, and more
  • AiPQ Engine™ technology that automatically enhances the picture as you watch TV
  • FullView, so you can see the game from “edge-to-edge” on the screen

Boost Your Audio Experience With an AV Receiver

In addition to watching the game, you also want to be able to hear the sounds of the game, too. To make sure you experience it all, consider an AV receiver like the Anthem MRX 310.

An AV receiver is a great addition to any home theater system. You connect it to all of your electronics, including the TV, DVD player, Blu-Ray player, speakers, and more. Then, the receiver takes all of the devices’ signals and coordinates them, working as an amplifier and ensuring that you get the best audio possible. 

Granted, its hefty price tag definitely makes this party gadget a serious investment, but it offers a number of features that make it a solid addition to your TV room, including:

  • 80 watts of power to the front speakers, and 60 watts to the sub and side channels
  • It will upscale to 4K on 4K televisions
  • The MRX Series Control App that lets you control the AV receiver from your iOS device
  • ARC® 1M, which automatically corrects the sound for the room
  • Dual speaker configuration
  • Easy-to-read on-screen menu

Kitchen Gadgets Make Game Snacks Even Better

What’s a game day party without snacks and fun beverages? The following party gadgets will help guarantee that you serve memorable food at your next game-watching party:

Have Plenty of Ice on Hand With the MoMA Reversible Lid Ice Box

Whether you’re enjoying water, soda, or an adult beverage, you’ll want to have plenty of ice to keep your drinks cold. Generic ice trays are boring, but this interesting MoMA Reversible Lid Ice Box is a party gadget that makes ice and also stores it in an appealing box.

To use the ice box, fill the lid, which serves as the ice tray, with water and put it in the freezer to make 33 hexagon-shaped ice cubes. When the ice is ready, transfer it to the ice box and repeat the process up to four times (the ice box will hold about 130 pieces). 

Prepare Tasty Burgers & Brats on the Kitchen Counter With an Indoor Grill

Sure, you can grill outdoors for a home tailgating party. But if the weather isn’t ideal, or you simply prefer to stay inside, the GreenPan™ Ultimate Gourmet Grill exclusively at Williams Sonoma is the party gadget for you.

This handy grill:

  • Is easy to use—simply plug it in and turn the knob to heat it up
  • Has non-stick coating for easy cleanup
  • Features a generous 10 by 10-in cooking surface 
  • Includes an area under the grill that can be used for broiling

Serve Extra Smooth Beer With the Waytap

Canned and bottled beer can be delicious and refreshing. But the Waytap by Fizzics is a party gadget that takes store-bought and home-brewed beer and transforms it into a smooth brew.

The Waytap uses sound wave technology to add dissolved CO2 into beer through a slim hose, all without the use of gas cartridges. This produces beer with more even foam for better mouthfeel and flavor.

This fun party gadget will:

  • Work on all sizes of beer cans and bottles
  • Work on all types of beer, including ales, IPAs, porters, stouts, and more
  • Runs on AA batteries, or you can just plug it in

Party Gadgets Make Watching the Big Game More Enjoyable Than Ever

As you can see, there are a number of cool party gadgets that can help make watching the big game with your friends and family extra fun and exciting. 

From a new TV with outstanding visuals to a trio of kitchen gadgets for serving up tasty food and drink, your house will be known as the place to be on game day.