Small TV Options for Your Space

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Ever since flatscreen TVs were first released in 1997, there’s been a race toward bigger and bigger televisions. While these giant flatscreen TVs are impressive, many people still prefer—or need—a small TV. 

Maybe a 55″ TV would feel overpowering in your small living room or bedroom. Or maybe you just don’t have the wall space to mount a TV that large. Either way, there are plenty of small TV options to choose from, starting with the ones below.

Try a Small Smart TV

Smart TVs let you access the internet right from your television so you can watch your favorite shows on streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu. While most smart TVs measure at least 40″, you can still find smaller options with the same capabilities.

For example, Samsung offers two 32″ smart TVs:

Despite the smaller size, both TVs offer increased clarity. In fact, the QLED smart TV is one of the few models that provide 4K resolution at this size. However, the better resolution does come with a slightly higher price tag.

Meanwhile, Insignia offers a more cost-effective F20 Series LED HD Smart Fire TV that also measures 32″.

Then, another option is Vizio’s D-Series Full HD Smart TV, which you can only get in smaller sizes, ranging from 24″ to 43″. 

Let Your TV Double as a Computer Monitor

Why buy a computer monitor and a TV if you can use one screen as both? 

Many modern TVs can also act as a computer monitor. Simply connect the computer to the television with an HDMI cable and switch the TV to the PC mode option. 

If this is a setup you’re interested in, LG offers 22 and 24″ LED TVs with HDMI compatibility. But, you can get an even smaller version with the Sceptre 18″ LED TV.

Both of these options can easily fit on a small desk in your dorm room or studio apartment, allowing you to maximize your space. 

Treat Your TV Like a Piece of Art

Instead of having a huge black screen take up most of your wall space, consider a small TV that doubles as artwork. You can achieve this look with The Frame TV from Samsung. This TV displays art, photography, and even your family pictures when you’re not using it. Plus, you can select a frame that matches your room’s style.

While this model is more popular in larger sizes, Samsung does offer The Frame in a 32″ model, the smallest standard TV size. The customizable options and unique matte finish push the price higher than most other small TVs. However, it can be a worthwhile investment if you want to maintain a certain ambience in your room and make the most of your limited wall space.

Tricks to Squeeze a TV Into Your Space

If you have a small space but can’t live without a big, high-definition TV, you may be able to fit a larger television with some careful organization or clever styling. You can also use the following tips to make your small TV almost unnoticeable.

Hang Your TV

Try hanging your TV under a kitchen cabinet with a foldable mount. If it’s 24″ or smaller, you can use this Mount-It! TV mount. You can easily hide the screen away and save counter space when not watching. 

The same idea applies to other rooms of your house. You can mount your TV on the ceiling for the perfect view from your bed or couch. This Vivo Electric Flip Down Ceiling Mount can hold 23–55″ TVs and fold them away when you’re done watching. 

Camouflage Your TV

Another option is to make the TV part of your storage or gallery space. Whether you have a cabinet or a bookshelf, you may be able to store a TV there among your books. The same goes for a gallery wall. You can display your TV alongside family photos and artwork.

You can also use a TV as a space divider. For example, a TV can divide your bedroom from your living area in a small studio apartment.

Make the Most of Your Space With a Small TV

Bigger doesn’t always mean better—especially when a big TV takes up half your living room.

Consider how important high-definition picture quality is to you, which can help you choose between a small TV and one with a slightly larger screen size. Also, take some time to measure your space and consider the creative storage methods mentioned above. 

Whether you have a cramped dorm room or rent a stylish yet tiny apartment, you can still find a small TV that can transform your space into a home theater.