Smart Ring Options for Better Health in 2023

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Wearables are a popular way to keep track of your health, and a smart ring is a discreet and convenient option. Just like smartwatches and other kinds of activity trackers only less bulky, the smart ring provides accurate data about your wellness from sleep to heart rate to steps.

Keep reading to learn more about smart rings, including how they work, the pros and cons of this wearable device, and a smart ring shopping guide.

What Is a Smart Ring?

A smart ring is a wearable device that is about the same size, or slightly larger, than a traditional ring. Smart rings use embedded sensors, Bluetooth, and NFC chips to track your daily activity levels and record different types of health-related information. This data is then sent to your smartphone through the smart ring’s corresponding app.

You can wear a smart ring 24 hours a day, and it can be used to track:

  • Steps taken
  • The amount and quality of your sleep
  • Temperature
  • Heart rate
  • How much physical activity you do in a day

The Pros & Cons of Smart Rings

Smart rings have a number of positive features, including:

  • Long battery life
  • Discreet to wear
  • Lightweight and comfortable on your finger
  • Able to measure a wide range of health-related information

The cons of smart rings include:

  • They can feel cumbersome if you don’t like wearing jewelry
  • You usually have to spend a lot of money to get a number of features

But if you’re ready to give smart rings a try, consider the following models:

The Oura Ring Gen3 Is Lightweight, Durable & Comfortable

The Oura Ring Gen3 smart ring is small but mighty. It will monitor biological information including your:

  • Sleep quality and quantity
  • Recovery time after workouts
  • Heart rate
  • Stress levels

The Oura Ring Gen3 is also water resistant up to 100 meters, or more than 328 feet, so wearing it in the pool or shower is no problem. And speaking of wearing it, it only weighs 4 to 6 gm, which is less than most traditional rings. So, you should feel comfortable wearing it in most places.

Another plus of the Oura Ring is the long battery life. Once the battery is charged, the Oura ring will work for up to seven days.

The Oura Ring does require a membership. The first month is free, but after that there’s a monthly charge. The membership will get you:

  • In-depth sleep analysis
  • Personalized health suggestions
  • Heart rate monitoring

Change the Finish of Your Smart Ring With the Circular Ring

You can change the color of your smart ring’s outer shell to complement your outfit with the Circular Ring smart ring.

When ordering the smart ring, choose a base color for the ring’s finish, and then you can order additional outer shells in other finishes.

This smart ring focuses on your sleep, health, and activity levels. More specifically, when you sleep, it will:

  • Track your heart rate and breathing rate
  • Measure your blood oxygen levels
  • Monitor for irregular heart rates
  • Measure your body’s temperature

The Circular Ring will notify you through the app if it determines your blood oxygen level is low, and/or your heart rate is irregular.

Besides sleep, the smart ring will also track your physical activity, and provide recommendations based on the data.

Additionally, you can use the smart ring as an alarm clock or as a timer. You can set it to vibrate to wake you up, or alert you when a specified amount of time has passed.

The Circular Ring will also:

  • Charge in 60 minutes
  • Run for four days on a single charge
  • Work with iOS or Android devices

Monitor Your Blood Oxygen Levels & Heart Rate 24/7 With the circul+

The Prevention Circul+ Wellness Ring claims it’s the only smart ring that will continuously monitor your blood oxygen and heart rate levels.

When you wear the Wellness Ring, you choose the mode you want (Exercise, Daytime, or Sleep) and it will begin to monitor your health information.

The circul+ Wellness Ring will also measure your skin temperature for up to 12 hours while you sleep, the number of calories you burn during the day, the number of steps you take, and more.

The circul+ Wellness Ring:

  • Features adjustable sizing
  • Can be worn on any finger
  • Will monitor four stages of sleep: awake, REM, light, and deep

This smart ring comes with a mobile app that includes a free cloud portal and dashboard. You can use the dashboard on your computer to view and download your health data, and also share it with a health provider or personal trainer.

Smart Rings Live Up to Their Name

Smart rings offer a subtle and comfortable alternative to other forms of wearables. They fit neatly on your finger and go right to work measuring a wide variety of health-related data, which you can check throughout the day and even share with others.