Smart Tracker Tech & Key Finders to Locate Your Stuff

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Have you ever done the three-pocket pat? Keys, wallet, phone, and out the door? A tracker or key finder can save you those hours we’ve all spent searching between the couch cushions or under furniture for our lost keys, phone, or wallet. 

These days, tech gadgets can help you track your stuff—and even your car, pets, or kids, too. There are three different types of tracking tech: Bluetooth, GPS, and radio frequency (RF). Read on to learn more about the smart trackers available today.

Smart Bluetooth Trackers Help You Find Your Keys & Wallet Sooner Than You Expect

Bluetooth trackers work well as household trackers and key finders because of their short range and ability to function indoors or underground.

These kinds of trackers are cheaper, smaller, lighter, and have a longer batter life than GPS trackers. Bluetooth trackers also fit perfectly in your pocket or wallet and are lightweight enough to attach to small items such as your keys.

Apple AirTag Uses a Crowdsourced Network

AirTag is a Bluetooth tracking device for Apple products you can carry in your bag or wallet, or attach to items like keys. The app that goes along with the AirTag is called Find My (we’ll tell you more about this app below). Many people like interacting with this app because it’s intuitive and easy to use.

If you misplace an item that has an AirTag attached to it while you’re home, you can play a locating sound on the tag using your smartphone, and follow the noise to find your misplaced item. 

If you lose your item outside your home, the AirTag finds it using its crowdsourced network of Apple devices to detect devices nearby—like your AirTag—by using Bluetooth technology.

This crowdsourced network means that you’ll receive the location of your AirTag if an iPhone, iPad, or Mac device that has joined the Apple Find My network is close enough to it. This crowdsourcing allows the tracking device to work, in a limited way, beyond the range of the tag itself by giving you a breadcrumb trail of places your tag’s unique Bluetooth signature has been pinged by an Apple device. 

Tile’s Mate Is as Thin as 2 Credit Cards

Tile’s Mate is an affordable solution that follows a similar principle as AirTag. This Bluetooth tracking device is as thin as two credit cards and fits easily in most wallets. You can also slip the Mate into bag pockets or attach it to various items. If you lose something in your house, you can use the app to make your Mate ring via its tiny onboard speaker.

But when your item is not directly nearby, Tile’s Pro version uses a network to expand search capabilities (but its network is smaller than that of the AirTag). If a device in the network is near your item, you’ll receive a notification when your Title’s location is updated.

Chipolo Card Can Fit in Your Wallet

If you want a stealthy smart tracker for your wallet or passport pouch, you could use Chipolo Card. Chipolo Card is a thin and flat Bluetooth tracker that fits into the credit card slot of your wallet. Like AirTag and Tile’s Mate, you can “ring” your device using the app to locate your misplaced item. You also get alerts if you leave your item behind. 

GPS Trackers Are Ideal for Cars, Pets & Personal Security 

GPS trackers work better than Bluetooth trackers to locate large items including your luggage and your vehicle. But even smaller items like phones and portable devices have an app to find its GPS location.

Whistle Switch Smart Collar Helps You Keep Track of Your Pets

The Whistle Switch Smart Collar is a GPS tracker attached to a stylish pet collar, which notifies you when your pet escapes. But the Whistle Switch Smart Collar is more than a GPS tracker. You can also monitor your pet’s activity and health via the accompanying app. Whistle Switch Smart Collar operates like a FitBit for your dog, showing you Fido’s daily activity level and other health metrics.

Jiobit Gives You Peace of Mind That Your Loved Ones Are Safe

Jiobit is a small GPS tracker intended for personal safety use. The Jiobit is designed to attach to your person, so you use it to keep kids, pets, or even senior citizens safe.

This tracker helps you protect your loved ones by tracking them at any distance, getting alerts if they leave a safe place, and getting their detailed location history. This tracker has a secure connection to the internet and GPS to send its location at any time.   

GL300 Real Time GPS Tracker Keeps Tabs on Your Vehicles & Valuables

The GL300 Real Time GPS Tracker is a versatile tracker for cars, RVs, or even suitcases.  You put the tracking device on your vehicle or luggage and track it using the Spytec GPS app. This tracker allows you to see location in real-time, receive alerts, and view a detailed location history. 

Affordable & Simple Wireless RF Remote Gadgets That Beep to Locate Your Keys 

If you don’t want to rely on your smartphone, radio frequency (RF) gadgets help you to find your devices without GPS or Bluetooth. This system is ideal for home use, especially if your kids or dogs like to run off with your keys. RF trackers also have a decent range, working up to distances of about 100 feet.

Click n’ Dig Tracks Items Without Needing a Smartphone

Click ‘n Dig is a great option if you don’t want to rely on your smartphone to find your stuff. This gadget has a radio frequency (RF) transmitter and a receiver. The receiver beeps and flashes so you can find it easily, even in dark or secluded spots.

Esky’s Item Locator Lets You Track up to 6 Items

Esky’s Item Locator is similar to Click’n Dig. This tracker has six beeping receivers and one remote control. Just attach the receiver to your item, label the button on your remote that has the same color as the receiver, and press the button when you want to find that item.

Tracking Apps That Stop You From Losing Your Device in the First Place

There are many different apps to track your devices after you’ve lost them. And there are also apps to help you remember not to misplace things in the first place. 

Don’t Leave It! Reminds You to Take Your Valuables With You

A different take on a tracking app is Don’t Leave It!. This iOS app reminds you to take your items with you whenever you move far away from them.

You select your items in the app setup screen and tell the app how far you can move from your item before getting an alert on your smartphone when you walk away. This app uses GPS and a pedometer to track your steps. So, it works even if your iPhone doesn’t have a GPS signal.

Find My Is the Ideal Tracker for Apple Devices

If you have Apple devices, you can use Find My app to track your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. (You must connect with your iCloud account to get your device’s location.) If your device is on and isn’t out of battery, the app will locate your lost device. If your device is out of battery or turned off, this app saves your device’s last-known GPS location. If data privacy is a concern, it allows you to wipe your devices to protect your data.  

If you don’t have Apple devices, don’t worry, you’re not left out completely. Android devices also have a similar app called WheresMyDroid. This app also lets you track and wipe your device in real time to protect your data. 

Look No Further for Your Things With a Smart Tracker

Smart tracking tech and gadgets make it easier to locate your devices without wasting time.

We strongly recommend GPS trackers to track your valuables, pets, or loved ones. And since Bluetooth trackers and RF remote gadgets are small and lightweight, they fit perfectly in your wallet and can be attached to your keys, making them ideal for short-range tracking and finding smaller items.