SquareTrade’s iPhone Study: Device Danger Zone Survey 2012

It’s a big scary world out there for iPhones. There’s danger waiting around every corner. So what’s the most dangerous place for them? Not at the supermarket or the sidewalk…it’s your home!

That’s right–the most popular place to damage that delicate little iPhone is your home. In continuation to our previous iPhone research we released another research today showing that 51% of iPhone accidents happen around the home – most commonly in the kitchen.. But don’t worry…if you’ve got a SquareTrade warranty, that iPhone is safe and sound, even if it ends up in your dishwasher.


SquareTrade’s study also points out some specific spots iPhones have suffered their fate:

  • 9% of iPhone owners have dropped their phone in the toilet
  • 6% of iPhone owners have left an iPhone on top of the car and driven off
  • 5% of iPhone owners have put an iPhone in the washing machine

What kinds of liquids are most commonly spilled on iPhones?

  • Water: 43%
  • Soda: 19%
  • Beer: 12%
  • Coffee/tea: 12%

We’ve heard our fair share of iPhone accidents–like dropping iPhones into a pot of hot oil and full cups of coffee spilled them. What is your phone’s weak spot?

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