The Best Personal Trainer App for Every Type of Workout

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When you’re ready to take your fitness training to the next level, there are apps to help. But the best personal trainer app for you will depend on your favorite type of exercise and how you like to work out. Still, you’re sure to find something that works for you, so here are some leading personal trainer apps for you to consider.

Fitness Point App Is Perfect for Gym Buffs

Fitness Point is a personal trainer app to help you follow your strength progress at the gym. It’s available at the App Store and on Google Play and has both free and paid versions.

The free version offers you 70 exercises, while the pro version retails for $4.99 and has over 400 exercises.

The ad-free pro version of the app also comes with a:

  • Rest timer
  • Graph
  • Body tracker

No matter which version you go for, Fitness Point has several handy features.

For example, you can:

  • Browse through pre-installed exercises that come complete with animations and descriptions
  • Set up new exercises for different muscle groups
  • Create new workouts
  • Add exercises to each workout
  • Arrange the exercises in any order you want
  • Set up a log to keep track of reps, dates, and notes
  • Choose from one of 16 different languages

MapMyRun Is a Must-Have App if You Run, Walk or Hike

Cardio enthusiasts may like an app dedicated to running, MapMyRun. It has an extensive database with local running routes in countries across the world. You can look at your planned route (which you can create yourself) through an interactive map and satellite view.

Or, choose routes already in the app according to:

  • Length
  • Elevation
  • Terrain

As you run, the app will provide you with real-time audio feedback that can help you improve your cadence, endurance, and form. So, you can keep to a set pace or push yourself to improve as you develop.

And if you’re training for a specific event like a half or full marathon, the app will also provide you with training plans.

Connect your smartwatch for additional interactivity and find MapMyRun in the Android and iOS app stores. If you want to upgrade from the free version, it’ll cost you $5.99 per month or $29.99 per year. 

When you upgrade, you’ll have access to other features such as:

  • Instant heart rate monitor
  • Power and cadence analysis
  • Training plans
  • Live tracking feature, which you can share with friends or family members

Life Time Digital Offers Different Workouts Like Yoga, Cycling & More

For you, the best personal trainer app may be one that has a variety of workouts to choose from. If so, why not check out the Life Time Digital personal training app.

Life Time is actually a nationwide chain of luxury gyms, but you don’t have to be a member to sign up for their training app.

The training app offers:

  • Live yoga
  • Cycling classes
  • In-club training with coaching from a certified personal trainer
  • Virtual training
  • On-demand or livestream access to in-studio classes

You can work out on your own schedule and browse through a wide variety of classes, which is ideal for someone just starting out.

There’s also an option for one-on-one personal training and coaching for an additional fee, over and above the $50 per month subscription.

If you have Apple devices, know that you’ll be able to access the Apple Fitness+ subscription, which they bundle in for the first three months.

FlexIT Connects You With a Personal Trainer

If you want something interactive, your best personal trainer app may just be the FlexIT training app. This app will pair you with a personal training expert, who will give you feedback via a video call. 

You simple access the app through your phone or via the company’s website. The session can vary from 30 to 60 minutes, and your trainer will customize your plan according to your goals or needs.

If you don’t have your own equipment and need to access gym facilities, the app has some special deals that will allow you to use a facility by the minute. You won’t need to sign up for an often-expensive monthly membership and can get the opportunity to check out that gym before you commit.

Prices start from $37.25 per 30-minute session for each fully customized workout with a certified personal trainer.

Choose the CoPilot App for More Personalized Training Sessions

CoPilot may be the best personal trainer app for those of us who need a high level of accountability. For a $99 monthly subscription option, all-round training app CoPilot will give you access to a certified coach to help you draw up a personalized fitness plan. 

You’ll get a 40-minute onboarding call to kick things off. Then, based on your feedback, the coach will provide you with guidance on wellness and nutrition. They’ll also delve into mindfulness and relaxation techniques and show you how to stretch before your workout and recover when you’re done. 

Finally, the app will tailor your plan according to your:

  • Preferences
  • Goals
  • Access to available equipment

The CoPilot app uses motion sensor technology to track workouts and provide instant feedback. For even more convenience, if you have an Apple Watch you can pair the app with it to automatically send information about your training progress to your coach.

Choose the Best Personal Trainer App for Your Fitness Goals

There are many personal trainer apps out there offering a variety of benefits. For example, some allow you to work directly with certified personal trainers while others let you browse through an exercise library to workout on your own time.

With this list and a little bit of research time, you’re sure to find an app to match your level of expertise, experience, or access to equipment that will help you reach your fitness goals.