The Coolest Pet Tech Right Now

Reading Time: 3 minutes

As a pet parent, you adore your fur baby (or babies) and will do anything you can to help them live a long, healthy, and fun-filled life. And now thanks to a variety of innovative pet tech, it’s easier than ever for you to care for your furry friends.

So, check out the following latest and greatest in pet tech products available today.

Experience Hassle-free Mealtimes With an Automatic Pet Feeder

If you have a cat who demands breakfast at 3 a.m., a diabetic dog who needs regular meals to keep blood sugar stable, or you routinely get home late from work, keeping your pet’s mealtime on schedule can be hard.

These are all great reasons to invest in an automatic pet feeder to let pet tech handle mealtimes for you.

If you have a small cat or dog, consider the 5 Meal Pet Feeder from PetSafe. You can set up to five meals at once of either dry or moist food. The feeder will automatically open and reveal one meal based on the schedule you program into the device. Luckily, the secure design of this pet feeder can withstand damage from an over-excited pet.

Plus, if you’re concerned that your pet may chew on the power cord, you can run the feeder with batteries instead. 

Play Fetch With Pet Tech

If your dog loves to play fetch, you probably don’t love picking up a slobbery tennis ball over and over again.

To make your dog’s favorite game easier on you, and more fun for them, consider the PetSafe Automatic Ball Launcher. This launcher is versatile because you can use it indoors or outdoors. Also, it will throw standard-sized tennis balls anywhere between 8 and 30 ft and you can load up to three at a time.

Another perk is that it includes an automatic 15-minute rest interval after 15 minutes of play, so your pup doesn’t get too exhausted.

Though you’ll have to train your pup to drop the ball into the launcher, many dogs pick up this skill quickly, especially once they realize the payoff is something fun.

If you’re worried about safety, the launcher also has multiple sensors, so it won’t launch if it detects anything standing within 7 ft of the launch zone.

Use Pet Tech to Keep Track of Your Dog

If your beloved pooch has ever escaped, you know how scary this situation can be.

Luckily, the Whistle Health & GPS Dog Tracker can help you get your pup back home where they belong.

This tracker device monitors your dog’s location and alerts you when they leave a designated area. This handy piece of pet tech uses real-time GPS tracking, Google Maps, and the AT&T network to locate your dog, no matter how far they’ve gotten. (You don’t need AT&T as your mobile carrier to use the tracker, only the collar is part of the AT&T 4G LTE network and that cost is included in your subscription.)

You can also use the device to keep tabs on your dog’s health and activity levels. It will even tell you if your pup is licking or scratching excessively.

One thing to keep in mind is that you do need a yearly subscription and a Wi-Fi connection to use this tracker.

Make Life Easier With a Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

Even though you adore your feline friend, cleaning litter boxes is nobody’s favorite activity. Thankfully, with the Litter-Robot 3 Self-Cleaning, Wi-Fi-Enabled Litter Box pet tech handles this unpopular task.

This self-cleaning litter box automatically sifts the litter each time your kitty uses it. So, you can be sure your cat has a clean litter box every time they need it.

The innovative litter box features mobile controls that allow you to monitor any activity in the box. You’ll also get an alert on your phone when your kitty has finished their business.

The Litter-Robot 3 comes with a 90-day trial period so you and your feline friend can make sure you like it before you commit.

Pet Tech Makes Taking Care of Fur Babies Even Easier

As a devoted pet owner, it’s nice to know that the tech industry has expanded to include your precious fur babies. From helping with mealtime to keeping your cat’s litter box clean, pet tech can make being a pet parent more fun, relaxing, and worry-free.