We Tested The Galaxy Fold.

Reading Time: < 1 minute

When the Galaxy Fold was first scheduled to be released, those that were lucky enough to get their hands on the device were unfortunately disappointed. The aftermath left other customers with canceled orders and folded dreams. Weeks later, conflicting reports had everyone debating whether the smartphone would be released at all. Finally, after waiting and then waiting some more we were finally able to get our hands on The Fold.

So, we tested it. Yes, we put it through our standard drop test and yes, it failed. But more importantly, we developed and entirely new robot to test the durability of these new foldable devices. The Fold Bot opens and closes foldable devices to measure the lifespan of moving parts.

Fold Bot will provide insight into the fatigue behavior of foldable devices and can accelerate several years of use into several days. Check it out in action below:

While we do think the Galaxy Fold is a pretty phone (and quite fun) we’re not entirely sure we’d shell out the big bucks for this rendition of it. How about you?