What Exciting Things to Expect at CES 2019

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Featuring more than 4,500 consumer tech companies, CES attracts more than 180K attendees annually. From drones to 3D printing, gaming, and fitness, products unveiled at CES are known to be game changers. Like the videocassette recorder launched at CES 1970, or the first HDTV released at CES 1998 (yes, it’s been 20 years). If you love to love all things tech in your life, CES is really bringing it this year. Here’s what to expect at CES 2019 in Las Vegas.

Smarter homes

Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are expected to bring ground-breaking announcements for smart homes to help you run your life on tech. Applications like the newly released Eve Light Strip, an LED light strip that works as accent lighting and connects to iPhone, Apple TV, or HomePod over Wi-Fi. It’ll be available to purchase for $80 in February.


5G has long been a hot topic, and we expect big announcements at CES. This will make for great possibilities, from driverless cars, to revolutions in gaming, to faster connectivity. Just check out the talks from Verizon and AT&T.


Expect great happenings with TV screens this year, like MicroLED screens and 80-inch televisions. Perhaps 8K TVs will even begin making their way into consumers’ living rooms soon.

And good news for those who love Apple, but don’t own an Apple TV. Samsung has said that their 2019 smart TVs will offer iTunes Movies and TV shows, plus AirPlay 2 Casting. With Samsung’s new feature, you can now buy or rent from iTunes without an Apple TV.

Allstate & SquareTrade

We have some very exciting things to show you and we can’t wait! Be sure to stop by the Allstate booth where we’ll showcase how we’re keeping customers connected and protected via telematics, digital/identity protection and of course, device protection. SquareTrade will be offering onsite screen repairs (generations 6s–X) from 10am–4pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for those of you who get a little clumsy (who wouldn’t with all this excitement?!) at the show. We’ll have you back up and running (to the next exhibit) in no time.

Gadgets & AI

At CES, the perfect selfie will be possible, stick-free. AirSelfie is releasing their line of flying cameras. These wide-angle flying consumer cameras have the unique ability to hover above subjects and capture panoramic, high-definition aerial photography.

Other fun rollouts include Ellcie glasses that alert you when you fall asleep at the wheel, cyberfishing with the Smart Rod Sensor, and a ring from Sphero Specdrums that lets you hear colors. And bonus: Expect to hear a keynote actually delivered by the eerily human-like robot named Sophia.