Your Outdoor Power Equipment Buying Guide

Reading Time: 4 minutes

When you’ve got outdoor chores to take care of, you want to be as efficient as possible and choose specific outdoor power equipment for each task.

But should you opt for corded or cordless? And what are some of the best tools on the market? Here’s our outdoor power equipment buying guide to help you choose the items that are right for your jobs. 

Making Your Choice: Cordless or Corded

At one time, most outdoor power equipment ran on gas. But today, most of your choices will be between battery-powered tools or ones that you have to plug into an outlet. It’s good to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages to each kind of tool before you decide between cordless or corded equipment.

If you go for battery-powered outdoor power equipment, just remember to buy all cordless equipment from the same company so that you can use the batteries interchangeably between items. 

Here are some pros and cons to consider for cordless and corded outdoor power equipment:

Cordless Outdoor Power Equipment


  • No cords, so you can work anywhere
  • No cord to roll up after work
  • Fast storage
  • Batteries that are typically reliable and long-lasting


  • Lower torque options as the machine will have less capacity
  • Extra weight, often due to the size of the battery
  • Additional time spent waiting for the battery to charge

Corded Outdoor Power Equipment


  • More power compared to cordless tools
  • No time limits as long as it’s plugged in


  • Limitation of movement when you get too far from the outlet
  • Can be difficult to store with the cord
  • Potentially hazardous due to the risk of cutting through the cord or tripping over it

Keep That Unruly Hedge in Check With a Battery-Powered Trimmer

The Scotts LPHT 12122S cordless pole hedge trimmer from American Lawn Mower Company gets its power from a 20v 2Ah lithium-ion battery (and they include a fast charger in the package).

This piece of outdoor power equipment also features:

  • A dual-action blade that can cut through branches up to 3/4 in. thick
  • Protective blade cover
  • An 8-ft. 8-in. telescoping fiberglass pole
  • 4-position adjustable cutting head

It also has an adjustable shoulder strap for easy operation.

Make Light Work of Stains & Outdoor Mess With a Power Washer

Do you need to spruce up your outdoor deck or patio to get ready for summer parties? The 2000 Psi Max Performance Electric Pressure Washer from Bauer is powerful enough to remove oil and rust stains, heavy mildew, or even strip a wooden deck. It features an instant start-up and comes with a foam-padded handle to make this chore more comfortable.

Additionally, this outdoor power tool has:

  • A professional metal spray wand and quick connect coupler when you need to change nozzles
  • A built-in hose reel to make cleanup and storage simple
  • 25 ft. of high-pressure hose for extra reach
  • A heavy-duty protective steel roll cage for added safety
  • An onboard detergent tank

Get Ready for Growing Season With This Maneuverable Cultivator

With next spring in mind, you’ll want to get your garden ready to sow some seeds. The MC43 Cultivator from Earthquake can help you weed, fertilize, and aerate the soil and is also capable of maintaining clean borders and edges.

This piece of outdoor power equipment has:

  • A powerful 43CC, 2-cycle engine
  • Adjustable transport wheels for extra maneuverability that stow away for easier storage
  • An adjustable tilling width between 6 in. and 10 in.
  • An adjustable tilling depth of up to 8 in.
  • Overhand handlebars to give you full control

You can also get the optional edger accessory to maintain clean edges and borders, and a dethatcher kit to help you look after your lawn.

Take Care of the Big Pruning Jobs With a Brushless Battery-Powered Chainsaw

When you have many trees and bushes to look after, you’ll be glad you picked up a powerful tool such as the 40v HP Brushless 12 Inch Top Handle Chainsaw Kit from Ryobi. It delivers more power than a 31cc gas chainsaw, giving you up to 129 cuts per charge. Also, the brushless technology means less interference from friction, which makes the chainsaw more efficient.

With this outdoor power tool, you can:

  • Make high-quality pruning cuts using the 12-in. bar and chain
  • Worry less about lubrication with the adjustable automatic oiler
  • Protect yourself from kickbacks with its added chain brake
  • Adjust the chain for better cuts with the toolchain tensioning device
  • Recharge the battery in less than 60 minutes with the included fast charger

Helpfully, this chainsaw comes with a five-year manufacturer warranty and a carrying case.

Manage Your Outdoor Space Efficiently With This 3-in-1 Corded Vac Blower Tool

Sometimes it’s great to tackle several jobs in one session using one tool, like the 51619 Ultra Electric Blower Vac from Toro. This is a three-in-one machine that combines a:

  • Leaf shredder
  • High-speed vacuum
  • Powerful blower

This blower vac will allow you to round up your leaves and then collect them, shredding them nicely to put on your compost heap.

This piece of outdoor power equipment:

  • Features a 260 mph maximum air speed
  • Has a 340 CFM (cubic ft. per minute) blow mode and a 405 CFM vac mode
  • Comes with two nozzles (blower tuber and vacuum tube)
  • Also comes with a canvas bottom zip bag with a shoulder strap
  • Has a 2-year warranty

Make Grass Cutting a Breeze With a Lightweight, Corded Mower

Sometimes you may not need cordless technology. For example, you may have a small lawn close to an electrical outlet. If this is the case for you, one option is an agile but efficient corded machine like the 13 amp Electric 16 In. Lawnmower from Ryobi. This power tool is portable and lightweight, weighing just 32 lbs.

With this outdoor power tool, you can:

  • Comfortably adjust the height of your deck with a single-point height adjustment, between 1 and 2 1/2 in.
  • Make use of the collapsing handles for quick and easy storage
  • Get a 3-year limited warranty

Line-Up Your Outdoor Power Equipment to Make Yard Work Simple

All of these tools are great for regular and one-time work to make your outside space better. With these options you’ll be able to lop branches with a chainsaw, clean up with a blower, and cultivate for the new season ahead. 

Just be sure to take some time before you buy to consider the kind of outdoor power equipment that will work best for the jobs you have to tackle. Then in no time you’ll have an outdoor space that everyone will want to enjoy all summer long.