Childproofing Your Electronics

Are your kids tough on your devices? It may not be the end of the world. With a few precautions, you can still let your kids use their favorite tech without compromising its lifespan. 

Check out these tips on how childproofing your electronics can make life that much easier.

Phone Case

Protect your phone from kids’ busy hands with a good case. Otterbox is known for its three layers of protection, combining a rubber layer, a hard outer shell, and a screen protector to guard against drops, dust, and scratches. Need to take it up a notch and go waterproof? Lifeproof is known for being the best in the waterproof case market. Their Lifeproof FRĒ SERIES Waterproof Case for iPhone can handle up to six feet of water for an up to an hour. And as if that weren’t enough, it’s drop-proof, too. Perhaps that’s enough to withstand even the most active of kids.  

Tablet Case

If it’s a tablet you usually hand to your kids when they’re bored, try the ArmorBox Kido Series. Not only is it a nice safe case, it also stands up easily and sports a handle for carrying. 

Another tablet case that offers a stellar grip for little hands is the Snugg Kid Proof Case. All four sides offer a handle, and its foam makeup provides cushioning against just about any blow your kids want to offer. 

Protect the Screen

When unprotected, the screen is often the first to go. If you’re in the habit of letting your kids play with your phone at doctor’s visits and grocery store lines, you need to be sure your screen is safe. Protect your screen from accidental drops (or purposeful throws) with a good screen protector. The Tech Armor ballistic screen protector guards against scratches and drops, while still maintaining great touch sensitivity. Or try the Bodyguardz, which offers tempered glass screen protection with free lifetime replacements.  

Preserve the Battery

Batteries are hard to access and difficult to replace on most phones. Want to increase its lifespan? The less you drain your battery, the longer it will last. Keep your battery from going down in the first place with a few tricks:

  • Every once in awhile, turn your phone off and on again for a few minutes. It sure beats running it day in and day out without break. 
  • Limit the apps kids use, especially the battery-draining ones. Lock younger kids into an app with Guided Access.
  • Having Wi-Fi on drains the battery when you’re not using it. If they’re just going to be playing apps, you can disable Wi-Fi in Settings on an iPhone or iPad.
  • Disable Control Center for younger kids so they don’t hand back the phone with modes unknowingly selected.

Get Them Their Own Device

When you want the best protection for your stuff, just get the kids their own device. Younger kids love the all-new Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet. On it, they can watch Netflix, play games, read e-books, and more. The best part? It comes with its own drop-durable case! 

Or try the Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite Kids tablet. It has a bumper case that protects as your kids learn and play. And it comes with apps that encourage STEM style learning and play.

Prefer transportable entertainment? Get them a watch that’s fun to wear and use. The VTech Kidzoom is durable and waterproof, with plenty of games and parental controls.

Older kids ready for a smartphone can try the LG X Venture for AT&T. It’s waterproof and rugged, and comes at a reasonable price. And if you prefer Apple, an iPhone 7 offers the best combination of price and water resistance. 

When all else fails we’ll be there for drops, spill and accidents.