Cool Gadgets: Tech for Him and Her, Couples Edition

We all have that one friend that we’re so close to, that we become close friends with their significant other. That’s an awesome thing until it comes time to buy them a gift! You can’t simply give a gift to one and leave the other out – it’s just wrong! Hence, you came to the right spot to find gifts for couples. Here we list all of the greatest cool gadgets for both him and her. Nobody gets left out – and you end up looking like a winner!

Coll Gadgets That Keep You Connected – Pillow Talk

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. Unfortunately, sometimes it makes the heart grow lonely! Pillow Talk is one of the best gifts for couples who travel frequently. The Pillow Talk kit includes two wristbands that track your heartbeat and transmit it to their significant other’s receiver. The receiver then emits a signal that mirrors that heartbeat – giving the sensation that your significant other is there with you.

Facebook Smart Camera – Portal

Facebook’s Smart Camera, otherwise known as ‘Portal’, makes a great gift for couples. Actually, these cool gadgets are another perfect gift idea for the traveling couple. The smart camera tracks the person and focuses in on them, so they’re always in the picture. Hence, two people can be communicating while taking care of chores, etc.
Also, the smart camera widens its picture once more people enter the room. The camera is basically hands-free and makes it easier to stay in touch while on the run. Additionally, Facebook encrypts calls and video calls – so there aren’t any causes for security concerns. Adding to that, you can disable the lens and microphone with just the touch of a button.
The Facebook Portal smart camera sets you back $350 on Amazon.

Hologram Projector

Honestly, what’s more romantic than laying down at night and watching the stars with your loved one? With a hologram projector, you can bring the stars into your bedroom! These cool gadgets simulate the night sky very closely.
Also, they do so with plenty of life-like realism and accuracy. They simulate clouds, constellations, and natural movement. If you’re searching for gifts for couples, this one’s a no-brainer! You can find one on Amazon right now for just under $120.

Cool Gadgets That Fill Your Belly – The Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker

Are you shopping for a couple of foodies in your life? Cool gadgets like the Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker save time and effort by offering a setup that’s easy to clean and cooks enough for an entire family. The Foodi operates as a pressure cooker, an air fryer, and more!
Plus, it’s capable of cooking different types of foods simultaneously. Hence, they can throw it all in there and make a healthy meal in less time.
The pressure cooker is selling for $214 right now at Best Buy. Consider insuring it to keep it safe and keep your friends happy.

Away Carry On Luggage

The Away Carry On Luggage is one of the best gifts for couples that never stay in one spot for too long. Are you shopping for a couple of jet setters? They will love the Away Carry On Luggage. It includes several compartments for storing valuables and it’s unbreakable. Also, this thing comes with a lifetime guarantee. Notably, it includes a battery that carries enough juice to charge your smart phone an estimated 5 times over. Hence, your phone is not dying with this thing around. Buy one of their top models here.