Gadgets to Help You Get Fit and How to Set them Up

The new year is here, and with it a hundred suggestions for ways to keep your resolutions to get fit. Keep it simple and use technology to your advantage to watch sleep, track weight, monitor exercise, and other keystones to good health. Up your chance of getting (and staying) fit with these popular health gadgets.


At just $150, this Wi-Fi smart scale is by far the most affordable tech fit option in our lineup. It’s a comprehensive scale that measures your weight and BMI. With Withings Body Cardio, you can finally track real results at the gym this year. This smart scale helps anyone accomplish their health goals, no matter what they are: Monitor muscle mass if your goals are to build muscle or decrease fat, figure out your hydration levels, and measure your weight with great accuracy. Keep track of your results, plus get intuitive tips and encouragement through the app Health Mate. It’s like having a robotic coach keep you on track. Buy it here.

How to pair with your phone: Download the Withings Health Mate app to track your weight plus other points such as sleep, activity, blood pressure, and more. Get it on the App Store or on Google Play. Go to Get Started > Scales > Body Cardio > Install Now. Hold the side button on the scale for four seconds and wait for your phone to detect it. Select Pair and you’re done.


The Apple Watch’s iconic rings make sure you’re staying active throughout your day, from standing for a minute every hour to exercising. But the Series 5 is a whole new level. Now you can get an alert if your heart rate goes too high, get an EKG reading on your wrist, and alert emergency personnel if you have a hard fall and don’t get up. Plus, track workouts from swimming to yoga to running and more. The price is now listed at $399 on Apple’s website. 

How to pair it with your phone: To pair, simply place the Apple Watch on your wrist, bring your iPhone nearby, and wait for the pairing screen to appear on your iPhone. Tap Continue and follow the prompts. 


For those who prefer the brand long associated with wearable fitness, go with the Fitbit Ionic. Included in the $230 price tag, you’ll get changeable straps and a great screen that is safe underwater, with access to adidas workouts. It also has built-in GPS and Pandora integration. Measure heart rate continuously, track sleep, log workouts, and get personal coaching for long-term insights about your health. Buy it here

How to sync it to your phone: Start by downloading the app on your iOSAndroid or Windows device. When prompted with a list of devices, select the Ionic. Follow the prompts to plug in the watch and allow it to pair. Then, simply ensure the four-digit code matches on the watch and your device.