Self Care for College Students

During the school year, self care for college students is often low on the priorities list. Normally you’re focused on submitting schoolwork, campus activities, and of course having fun with friends.

While looking after yourself rarely takes the top spot, it’s important if you’re a student facing all of college’s pressures. Here are a few ways you can incorporate self-care into your routine as a college student.

Make a Self-Care Plan for College Students

You may not have even considered making a self-care plan when thinking about your school-life balance. But much like having a class schedule, a personal schedule with much-needed time to recoup has major benefits.

Start With Nutrition

Nutrition plays an important role in brain neurochemistry and physical health. What you eat throughout the day can impact your mood, focus, and stress levels.

Part of scheduling nutritional meals into your day is learning to plan ahead, but it also involves learning to listen to your body. Try to find a space where you can eat at a mindful pace and not feel rushed about heading to the next class or executing the next task. This gives your body time to process and feel full.

Make Time For Exercise

Exercise not only increases energy, but it also regulates mood. If you’re stressed about an assignment or social event, taking even 20 minutes to exercise can help stabilize your emotions.

Being physically active can mean anything from yoga, running, dance, joining a sport on campus, or even just going for a walk. With exercise as a regular part of your schedule, you help your body release endorphins for a calmer mind throughout the day.

Write Down Goals You Want To Achieve

Setting goals helps you put a plan in place. And whether the goals or for the day or for the semester, they can help ease anxiety about the future. Goals can also help you feel less stressed by giving you a sense of accomplishment as you complete your tasks.

Whether your goal is to get good grades or to be more involved on campus, you can set goals that positively influence your day. Make sure you write them down where you can see them regularly to keep yourself on track.

Stick to a Nighttime Routine For Restful Sleep

Sleep deprivation is linked to lower levels of:

  • Concentration
  • The ability to learn
  • Retaining information

Set a routine at night that helps you sleep. This is vital for keeping stress levels low and giving your brain the restart it needs for the next day.

Experts recommended turning off all screens, including your phone, at least 30 minutes before bedtime. Try to make your room as dark as possible and keep the temperature low for ideal sleeping conditions.

Make a Self-Care Plan & Stick To It

The best way to find a balance in incorporating self-care tips if you’re a college student is to make a plan that works for you.

Every aspect of your day can impact your stress levels and ability to focus on school. When you make a plan that sets you up for success, you can experience a more positive outlook about your day, and your time as a student.