4 of the Latest & Greatest Smart Sunglasses

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Everything is becoming “smart” these days, and sunglasses are no exception. Smart sunglasses are one of the latest items in the wearable smart tech space.

But what constitutes a “smart” pair of sunglasses? Here we’ll define smart sunglasses as those that have some type of built-in technology for a function outside of basic eyewear like:

  • Speakers
  • Cameras
  • AI virtual assistant

Let’s take a look at some smart sunglass options available today.

1. Amazon Echo Frames Are AI-Powered

The Amazon Echo Frames are loaded with smart features for one reason: Alexa. Amazon built their AI-powered virtual assistant into these smart sunglasses, which opens up a world of possibilities for the wearer. Virtually anything you can do with any other Amazon smart speaker—such as controlling your smart home devices—you can do with these sunglasses.

Key features of the Amazon Echo Frames smart sunglasses include:

  • Built-in speakers and microphone for audio listening and calls
  • Alexa integration to send text messages with your voice
  • Smart home device control: turn lights off, turn security system on, lock your door, and more
  • Smartphone app integration for control via Alexa
  • IPX4 water resistance

2. Ray-Ban Stories Smart Glasses Allow for Facebook Photo Sharing

Ray-Ban is known for producing high-quality eyewear, and the Ray-Ban Stories Smart Glasses are no exception.  

Ray-Ban’s smart sunglasses come in three different styles: 

  • Round
  • Wayfarer
  • Meteor

And in those styles, the Ray-Ban Stories have some high-tech components built in, including:

  • Camera
  • Speakers
  • Touch control pad

But perhaps the most unique aspect of the Ray-Ban Stories is the ability to take photos and share them on Facebook. And this is possible because the Stories are powered by the Facebook View operating system.

So, when you take photos with these smart sunglasses, the sunglasses send the photos to the accompanying Facebook View app. Then, you can then use the app to edit and upload your photos directly to Facebook.

Ray-Ban Stories key features are:

  • Dual 5MP built-in camera
  • Speakers and three microphones
  • Touchpad to control audio playback, take photos, or record videos
  • Included charging case

3. Bose Frames Smart Sunglasses Bring Superior Audio to Your Eyewear

Bose is best known for producing some of the highest-quality audio equipment. And now they’ve built on this experience to produce the Bose Frames Smart Sunglasses. Like Ray-Ban, Bose offers its customers different styles to choose from: 

  • Alto
  • Tenor
  • Soprano
  • Tempo

And while fashion is subject to opinion, the Bose frames have an impressive design for a company whose bread and butter is audio equipment.

But aside from style, what Bose Frames boast above all is tremendous audio quality. After all, with their background in producing high-definition audio devices, it’s no surprise that the Bose Frames sound great. 

Among the key features of the Bose Smart Frames are:

  • Eight-hour battery life
  • Polarized lenses
  • IPX4 water resistance

But the standout feature of these smart sunglasses has to be Bose OpenAudio™. This is Bose’s proprietary sound technology for headphones that don’t go over your ears. Most open-ear headphones send the sound waves through bone to the inner ear. But OpenAudio uses the air to conduct sound for more natural audio and a more comfortable fit.

So if you’re looking for a pair of smart sunglasses and audio quality is the most important factor, then the Bose Frames should fit the bill.

4. Change Up Your Look Anytime With Soundcore Frames 

The standout feature of the Soundcore Frames Smart Sunglasses is their interchangeable frame design. Soundcore designed the glasses so that the temples, which house the audio equipment, are detachable from the front frames. This way, you can switch out the front frame depending on the style you want on any given day.

So, when you buy Soundcore Frames, you can either buy a full set that includes the temples with built-in audio equipment and your chosen front frame, or you can buy just front frames. This means you only have to spend money on the full set once, and can add additional front frames without having to buy the audio component again.

As far as smart features, the Soundcore Frames have fantastic sound quality for their size. This is largely because their parent company’s (Anker) specialty is making smaller devices that require complex electronics, like chargers. 

The key smart features of Soundcore Frames include:

  • 10 frame styles to choose from
  • High-quality speakers built into temples
  • Tool-free detachable front frames
  • Five and a half hours of audio playback time

If you’re the type that likes to change your sunglasses based on your mood or your outfit, then the Soundcore Frames with their interchangeable frames could be a good match.

Smart Sunglass Options Are Always Growing

As smart tech improves, so does wearable technology—and this includes smart sunglasses. If you’re interested in trying a pair, there are many options including those we highlighted above. And, with technology continuing to evolve, who knows what smart sunglasses may be available soon.