15 Trends in Smart Home Technology

Reading Time: 3 minutes

What can your home do for you?

Smart homes are a huge part of modern interior design, and many families are discovering the benefits of this type of technology for their living spaces.

Here are 15 trends in smart home technology:

Everything is handled through voice control.

Voice control is more significant now than ever before, and the trend is only getting stronger. Homeowners will soon find themselves talking to their appliances and even asking them questions.

Appliances maintain themselves.

Smart appliances continuously check themselves for problems and alert you if something isn’t right. Some will even call a repair person.

Your refrigerator manages its inventory.

Refrigerators are only getting smarter as time goes on. Look for upcoming models that can monitor how much food you have and tell you before you run out of commonly purchased items.

Smart fridges will even be able to place an order with the grocery store and arrange delivery.

Remotely control your laundry appliances and dishwasher.

Smart appliances like washers, dryers, and dishwashers can now be operated remotely through your smartphone. Unfortunately, you still have to fill and empty them yourself.

Control water temperatures with your voice.

Water temperature control through faucets and fixtures is now available by voice command. Tell your shower to set itself to a particular temperature or ask your sink to provide you with warm water.

Lighting is personalized and automatic.

Lighting systems are more intricate and fun than ever before. Not only can you turn lights on and off remotely, but you will be able to control details like brightness levels and even hues.

Lighting systems can be programmed to change at certain times of the day, and some can learn your preferences.

Ask your toilet seat to warm itself.

You’ll soon find yourself asking the toilet to warm its seat before you use it. Or ask it to flush itself.

Manage air quality.

Home air quality systems not only manage the temperature of your environment but also the quality of the air surrounding you. They can keep the air at a specific humidity level and remove harmful debris from the air you breathe.

Some smart technology will even release scents into the air at particular times of the day or when commanded.

Your thermostat will learn what you like.

Stop dealing with the hassle of changing your thermostat settings. Your smart thermostat will learn your preferences and adjust itself accordingly.

Beds will monitor quality of sleep.

Your bed can monitor your quality of sleep and report back to you the next morning. Now, that’s smart technology.

Window shades work automatically.

Set your window shades to raise and lower at certain times of the day or respond to outdoor sunlight.

Entertain outdoors.

Outdoor living is a current trend in home design. Televisions and other appliances are now being made specifically for outdoor conditions.

Your home will create energy efficiency.

Modern smart homes can monitor energy use and turn appliances off and on when necessary to conserve energy.

You can watch your house on your smartphone.

Modern home security systems rely heavily on cameras because homeowners like to see for themselves what happens when they are away.

Trending security systems feature cameras in various places in your home with an app that allows you to watch what is happening on your smartphone or other electronic devices.

Everything is integrated.

You no longer need several apps or remote devices to manage your smart appliances and other features of your home. Systems are becoming more integrated with one control center where you can handle everything.

Smart home technology is changing rapidly, and ideas that once seemed futuristic are current trends. Look for these innovations and developments in modern homes.