5 Dining Room Chandeliers That Look Great & Save Energy

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Dining room chandeliers do more than look beautiful and add much-needed light to your space. They can also be energy efficient, helping to cut down on the amount of energy you use, leading to lower bills. 

In addition to any eco-friendly gadgets for sustainable living you may already have in your home, there’s also a wide variety of energy-efficient dining room chandeliers in a number of sizes and finishes. 

Keep reading to learn more about these eco-friendly dining room chandeliers, which are “green” for the planet while also saving you some “green” in your wallet.

1. The Eileen Chandelier Features Clean Lines & Energy Savings

If you’re looking for dining room chandeliers that are modern, sleek, and energy-efficient, look no further than the Eileen Chandelier from Kichler.

The chandelier, which is available in a brushed nickel or olde bronze finish, features:

  • 5 lights
  • Satin-etched opal glass cases
  • A straight and linear construction

Another plus of the Eileen Chandelier is that it uses Energy-Star-certified LED light bulbs, which are also dimmable.

The maximum hanging height of the chandelier is 55 in. and it measures 24 in. wide and 16.5 in. high.

2. Save Energy & Light Your Dining Room With the Elmwood Park Chandelier

Dining room chandeliers don’t have to include a large number of lights. For example, the Elmwood Park Traditional Ceiling Chandelier from Generation Lighting has just three dimmable LED lights. The bulbs are housed in clear glass tubes with inner etched white glass that casts a soft and soothing light.

This single-tier contemporary dining room chandelier features:

  • 3 included 9-watt dimmable LED light bulbs that are Energy-Star certified
  • An attractive bronze or brushed nickel finish
  • Satin-etched shades

And if you have a tricky ceiling, you may be interested to know that the Elmwood Park chandelier is also compatible with a sloped ceiling.

The chandelier is also rated for damp areas, which means it’s safe to use in rooms that are exposed to moisture.

3. Enjoy Energy Savings & Modern Elegance With a 4-Light Chandelier

Add a touch of modern, streamlined style to your dining room, along with energy savings, with the Industrial Four Light Chandelier from Bailey Street Home.

Like many dining room chandeliers, this model comes in a number of finishes:

  • Chrome
  • Black
  • Olde bronze
  • Brushed nickel

Besides a simple yet elegant look and Energy Star certification, the dining room chandelier features:

  • A chain length of 72 in.
  • 4 dimmable 60-watt light bulbs
  • A maximum hanging height of 105 in.

This model isn’t compatible with low ceilings, so it shouldn’t be on your list of dining room chandeliers for rooms that have a lower-than-average ceiling height.

4. Eco-Friendly Pendant Dining Room Chandeliers Offer Dimmable Lights

The Emmons Traditional Chandelier from Generation Lighting is perfect if you like pendant-style dining room chandeliers.

The Emmons Traditional Chandelier features:

  • 3 trumpet-style etched glass shades
  • A circular finial
  • 3 Energy-Star-certified LED dimmable bulbs
  • A choice of bronze or nickel finish

One extra-convenient feature of this chandelier is that you can install it on a sloping ceiling. Not all dining room chandeliers offer these features, so if your ceiling rises to a peak this model will work.

5. Get the Industrial Farmhouse Look & Energy Savings With This Bold Chandelier

If your goal is to combine the popular country or lodge home look with saving energy, look no further than the Industrial Farmhouse Three Light Chandelier from Bailey Street Home.

This chandelier features:

  • 3 clear glass shades
  • Energy Star certification
  • Compatibility with sloped ceilings
  • Black ironwork detailing

The model is 10.5 in. wide and 18.5 in. in height, and you can hang it at a maximum height of 57 in.

Energy-Efficient Dining Room Chandeliers Look Great & Save Money

There are a number of ways to create a more energy-efficient home, and this includes dining room chandeliers. 

From sleek and stylish models to industrial farmhouse chandeliers, you’ll be able to light your dining room in an eco-friendly way without sacrificing style.