5 Festival Gadgets You Need This Concert Season

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Outdoor concerts and music festivals are a fun and exciting part of summer. Festival gadgets like the ones we’ll discuss are fun accessories you can throw in your bag to elevate your festival experience. 

These innovative items will do everything from keeping you well-hydrated, to ensuring your electronics stay charged all day.

Keep reading to learn about five types of festival gadgets that you need this outdoor concert season.

1. Carry Water for Your Entire Group With a Hydration Backpack

Being outside at a concert or festival can lead to dehydration. Besides the weather, you’ll also probably do a lot of walking and dancing, which will also make you thirsty. But you can stay ahead of your hydration by adding a Lunchbox Hydration Pack from Lunchbox Packs to your collection of festival gadgets.

This hydration backpack multitasks as a water holder and regular backpack.

It also features:

  • A leak-proof insulated hydration bladder
  • Insulated black hose
  • Easy refill hydration system

The Lunchbox Hydration Pack doesn’t have any external facing zippers. Also, its anti-theft phone pocket on the strap offers a secure way to store your phone.

The backpack’s clear design also makes it easier to take through security lines. But before you head to the festival, check the rules as they may only allow you to bring in an empty hydration backpack. If this is the case, you can simply fill the hydration backpack once you’re inside the venue.

To refill it with water:

  • Turn the backpack around so it’s against your chest and stomach
  • Unzip the water pocket
  • Open the hydration bladder, and then refill it with water

2. Drink Clean Water on the Go With a Filtering Water Bottle

Buying bottled water at a concession booth can be expensive. Fortnately, the Premium Filtering Water Bottle from Brita is one of the festival gadgets that will give you the fresh taste of bottled water at a price that will quickly pay for itself.

Plus, if your festival or concert involves camping or an outside tap water filling station, this filtering water bottle ensures that you can drink clean water during the whole event. The filter uses an activated carbon block to filter out chlorine and other contaminants that you find in most tap water.

Additionally, the hard-sided filtering water bottle:

  • Holds 26 oz.
  • Includes an enclosed “easy-sip” straw
  • Comes with one bottle filter
  • Is top rack dishwasher safe
  • Is BPA-free

3. Keep Your Electronics Charged With a Portable Power Bank

Although many attendees bring their devices, outdoor concerts and festivals don’t always have power stations. A portable power bank like the PowerCore 20100 model from Anker will keep your smartphone charged and ready to take plenty of photos and videos.

Additionally, this portable power bank:

  • Weighs only 12.5 oz., so it’s easy to fit in a small purse or backpack
  • Can charge tablets and smartphones anywhere from 4 to 7 times, depending on the model
  • Features PowerIQ and VoltageBoost to charge devices as quickly as possible
  • Will recharge itself in 10 hours with a 2 amp charger

4. Protect Your Hearing & Enjoy the Music With Earplug Devices

Certainly, outdoor concerts and festivals are usually very loud. So make sure to protect your ears and hearing with a pair of noise-filtering earplugs like the Loop Experience earplugs.

Traditional earplugs work by blocking sound waves, but this causes music and voices to sound muffled.

Luckily the Loop Experience earplugs are one of the most ideal music festival gadgets because they filter out loud noises while keeping the sound clear.

The Loop Experience earplugs, which come in a variety of colors:

  • Offer up to 18 decibels of filtered noise reduction
  • Stay in your ears, even when you’re dancing
  • Feature Certified Hearing Protection
  • Come with 4 interchangeable ear tip sizes
  • Are reusable and easy to clean
  • Include a black carrying case that doubles as a keychain

5. Stay Cool With a Bladeless Neck Fan

Any list of outdoor concert and music festival gadgets isn’t complete without some sort of portable fan. For example, the JISULIFE FA12 Bladeless Neck Fan will keep you cool during warm summer concerts and it looks just like a pair of headphones hanging around your neck.

The lightweight, bladeless fan is comfortable to wear, hands-free, and features:

  • A dual-turbine motor
  • 16 hours of cooling time
  • A contoured 270-degree neckband
  • 78 air outlets

Festival Gadgets Make Outdoor Concerts & Festivals Even Better

Outdoor concerts and music festivals are enjoyable, but they do present some challenges that indoor events don’t have. 

But thanks to these festival gadgets, you can beat the heat, stay well-hydrated, protect your hearing, and keep your electronics charged during the gig.  

Elevate your summer concert season with these fun and innovative festival gadgets that can help make your experience better, so you can focus on making memories.