5 Gadgets For Your Garden

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Having a backyard garden is a great way to enjoy your outdoor living space, soak up some important Vitamin D, and grow your own groceries. There are  a handful of gardening tips when it comes to small or large spaces; from vertical to raised beds, or container gardening. Whatever kind of garden you choose to explore, check out these 5 gadgets for your garden that will help you grow even more this year:

Sun Seeker App

This little gadget is great for those who are new to gardening. The Sun Seeker App, available for both iPhone and Android users, uses GPS to track which parts of your garden receive the most sun. You’ll be able to use the app to add those plants that need full sun exposure and know where to plant those who prefer a little bit of shade. This a great tool to use as it will track your garden’s sun exposure without you having to guess or have the tedious job of tracking it yourself.

Weather Station

Many of us check the weather on our smart device, but having an actual weather station on your property will help ensure that you know the exact outside conditions. Weather stations are great for those rural areas that can be miles from the nearest town. Simply install the weather station near your garden and keep the monitor inside to conveniently keep up on the conditions. Weather stations are helpful in showing the actual humidity outside your door as well as the wind levels that could do a lot of harm to young plants.

Garden Camera

Want to know if the neighbor cat is using your garden as a litter box? Or maybe you can’t figure out what is eating your lettuce? Installing a garden camera is a great way to keep an eye on your garden for pests that can do a lot of damage. This version has a USB flash drive that will store photos that are taken at regular intervals depending on your preferences. The pictures will show not only the daily growth of your garden but can also capture those rodents that may be eating their way through your garden as well.

Manual Pollinating Tool

The overall bee population has decreased dramatically in recent years making pollination even more important for gardeners. If you notice that there isn’t a lot of activity around your garden from other pollinators like hummingbirds, butterflies, or flies, consider doing the pollinating yourself. The VegiBee is a gadget for your garden that allows you to manually pollinate flowers in order to produce fruit. The spoon vibrates much like a bee and collects pollen to be used on other plants. Users state that the VegiBee can increase your gardens production by more than 30% making this an easy gadget choice.

Cold Snap App

The Coldsnap! Frost Alarm App is a great way to easily keep track of the trending weather in your area in order to keep plants safe. The app is compatible with Android phones and will alert you when there is chance of freezing weather. This helps in gardening as it will give you enough time to cover up those precious tomatoes that still need to ripen up a bit. The app will also alert you to extremely high temperatures so that you can be sure to water plants more during heat waves. This is a great option for those gardeners who live in climates with fluctuating temperatures.

There are plenty of great gadgets and tools that gardeners can use in order to grow their own food. Consider adding important apps to your smart device in order to track the sun exposure of your garden as well as alert you to any weather conditions that could harm plants. Other fun gadgets allow you to know exactly what the weather is doing on your property as well as spy any critters that could be causing damage. Be sure to use these gadgets for your garden to be even more productive this growing season.

By Julia Benson

Julia Benson takes everything she does in the garden as an edible science project. She loves to experiment with different growing techniques to try to cultivate the most delicious and nutritious food she can.