7 Gadgets For Your Garden

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Your garden is your oasis where you can soak up some Vitamin D, grow your own groceries, or just escape from the world. The list of gadgets for your garden we’ll explore today can help your garden thrive and make your outdoor space all the more enjoyable for your family. 

Whatever kind of garden you choose to grow, check out these seven apps and gadgets for your garden that will help you grow even more this year:

Track the Sunlight With the Sun Seeker App

If you’ve done any gardening inside your home, you definitely understand the importance of making sure your plants get enough light with the help of indoor grow lights

The same is true for your outdoor garden space—plants of all sizes need sunlight to flourish and grow. 

The Sun Seeker App, available for both iPhone and Android users, is great for those who are new to gardening. It uses GPS to track which parts of your garden receive the most sun, which can help you determine when, and how much, to water your plants. 

You’ll be able to use the app to add those plants that need full sun exposure and know where to plant those who prefer a little bit of shade. This a great tool to use as it will track your garden’s sun exposure without you having to guess or have the tedious job of tracking it yourself.

Keep Tabs on Temperature, Humidity & More With a Weather Station

Many of us check the weather on our smart device, but having a dedicated garden device like this Personal Weather Station from Ambient Weather on your property will help ensure that you know the exact outside conditions.

The personal weather station will let you check the weather conditions at your home on a brightly lit LED screen. You can use this model to see the current:

  • Wind speed
  • Wind direction
  • Rainfall
  • UV readings
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Dew point
  • And more

If you’re interested in growing a smart garden—which is a lot like a smart home—and have already invested in technology like a smart sprinkler controller, a robotic lawn mower, or other lawn care gadgets, a weather station that can connect to the internet is another way to achieve your smart garden goal.

Weather stations are helpful in showing the actual humidity outside your door. They also provide data about wind levels that could do a lot of harm to young plants.

In addition, weather stations are user-friendly. Simply install the weather station near your garden and keep the monitor inside to conveniently keep up on the conditions. 

Check for Pests & Pollinators With a Garden Camera

Want to know if the neighbor cat is using your garden as a litter box? Are you curious if bees and other pollinators are visiting your flower beds? Or maybe you can’t figure out what is eating your lettuce? 

One fun gadget for your garden is a camera. That way you can keep an eye on your garden for pests that can do a lot of damage, as well as see if pollinators are regularly visiting your backyard.

For example, the Outdoor Security Camera from Brinno is a type of handy garden equipment that will capture movements in your garden with either a preset time-lapse setting or through motion activation.

You can then view the photos in a time-lapse video, which will allow you to check out what happens in a day in your garden.

Channel Your Inner Bee With a Manual Pollinating Tool

The overall bee population has decreased dramatically in recent years, making pollination even more important for gardeners. 

If you notice that there isn’t a lot of activity around your garden from other pollinators like hummingbirds at the bird feeder, or butterflies, consider doing the pollinating yourself. 

The VegiBee gadget for your garden allows you to manually pollinate flowers in order to produce fruit. The spoon vibrates much like a bee and collects pollen you can use on other plants. 

Users state that the VegiBee can increase your garden’s production by more than 30% making this an easy gadget choice. 

You can choose from the VegiBee Deluxe, which is rechargeable and features five speeds, or the VegiBee Express, which is battery-operated and has one speed. 

When it comes to cool garden gadgets, as well as unusual things for the garden that are fun to own, this one is definitely a winner.

Know When Jack Frost is Coming to Visit With the Coldsnap! Frost Alarm App

The Coldsnap! Frost Alarm App is a great gadget for your garden that helps you easily keep track of the trending weather in your area in order to keep plants safe. The app is compatible with Android phones and will alert you when there is a chance of freezing weather. 

To make this as easy as possible, you can select the number of days ahead that you get the forecast. This helps in gardening as it will give you enough time to cover up those precious tomatoes that still need to ripen up a bit. 

The app will also alert you to extremely high temperatures so that you can be sure to water plants more during heat waves. This is a great option for those gardeners who live in climates with fluctuating temperatures.

The Coldsnap! App will also allow you to select from where you get your weather data. Choose from sources like the NOAA, Weather Underground. or World Weather Online.

Check Your Garden’s Moisture, Temperature & Humidity With a Digital Soil Meter

You probably spent a lot of time, effort, and money creating your garden. The last thing you want is to have your plants wilt and die due to not enough water, sunlight, or humidity.

The Vegetronix Digital Soil Moisture Meter with Light and Temperature Measurement allows you to take the guesswork out of these three key factors.

Described as a “garden laboratory that fits in your pocket,” the digital soil moisture meter is easy to use, and will quickly and accurately measure the moisture level, temperature, and light levels in your garden.

The meter features:

  • A highly accurate VH400 soil moisture probe that is slender and designed not to disturb your plants’ root systems
  • A meter that displays the ambient temperature in either Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • A VG-METER-200 that measures the light levels, so you know if your plants are getting too little, too much, or just the right amount of sunlight
  • A rugged, waterproof design that won’t corrode
  • An easy-to-read backlit display
  • Ergonomic rubber side grips
  • A long battery life

You can also use the meter with any indoor plants you may have, as well as in outdoor container gardens.

Get Video of Your Feathered Friends With a Bird Feeder Camera

A bird feeder can be a wonderful addition to any garden area. In addition to providing birds with seeds they will enjoy eating, the feeder will encourage the birds to stick around your garden, where they can help keep the insect population down.

Thanks to the Birdfy Feeder AI from Netvue, you can not only feed your feathered friends but also know which varieties are coming by to enjoy the birdseed.

The bird feeder looks like a traditional model, only with a twist—it includes a built-in camera that will automatically capture video of your visiting birds. Birdfy stores the video on the cloud for free.

The Auto AI Recognition in this model can identity more than 6,000 bird species. So when a bird comes to the feeder for lunch, the AI camera will not only capture video, it will identify on the screen what type of bird it is.

You can also use the Birdfy Feeder app to get a notification of when birds visit the feeder. The feeder’s motion sensor will alert you to the time of day, and the name of the bird that it detects.

If you’re new to birding and are unsure which species are in your neighborhood, the Birdfy Feeder AI is a helpful educational tool. For more experienced birders, Birdfy also offers a Lite Version of the feeder that still takes videos, but doesn’t include the Auto AI recognition feature.

Grow More With These Gadgets For Your Garden

New technology and repurposed inventions mean the range of gadgets for your garden and tools that gardeners can use in order to grow their own food in an outdoor garden is always growing. 

Whether you’re working on your spring or winter garden, or shopping for your loved one’s vegetable garden there are all sorts of cool apps and gadgets for your garden to choose from.

Consider adding important apps to your smart device in order to track the sun exposure of your garden as well as alert you to any weather conditions that could harm plants. 

Other fun gadgets for your garden show you exactly what the weather is doing on your property as well as spy any critters that could be causing damage. Use these tools to make your garden even more productive this growing season.