5 High-Tech Devices That Satisfy Your Love of Pets and Gadgets

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Hi-tech gadgets have been all the rage for a number of years. Whether it’s watches, speakers, activity trackers and more, people get excited about the latest devices and the myriad benefits they offer. With a focus on fun and utility, it should come as no surprise that people are just as enamored with high-tech gadgets designed exclusively for their pets. We’ve identified five highly useful devices that leverage technology, interactivity and entertainment for pets and pet lovers.  

Keeping your pet fed and hydrated while you’re away

Pet owners know all about having to rush home during lunch time to feed their pets. Instead of spending valuable time in the car driving back and forth, pet owners are finding automated feeders and waterers to be a godsend. Products such as the Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain and the Smart Feed Automatic Dog and Cat Feeder, both by PetSafe, gives your pets more than enough water and the right amount of food during the day. In addition, the Automatic Dog and Cat Feeder is Wi-Fi-enabled, allowing you to select portions and feed your dog via smart phone.

Does your pet miss you when you’re not home? Now you can remotely chat

Because pets get lonely too, there are devices that help you stay connected to your pets while at work, out shopping or simply out for a night on the town. Devices such as the Pawbo Interactive Pet Camera and Treat Dispenser allow you to not only visually stay in touch with your pet via digital camera, you can also dispense treats and enable games via smart phone. And, perhaps most importantly, you can enable up to 8 “friends” who can chat with your pet during the day. Rather than tearing up the carpet or looking hopelessly out the window, your pet can alleviate their boredom via chat with you and several others.

Know where your pets are at all times

No matter how diligently we watch our pets, they can sometimes wander off. Rather than pull your hair out wondering where they’ve gone, keep track of them with a pet tracker. There are a variety of trackers specifically designed for dogs and cats that allow owners to monitor not only where they currently are but where they’ve been. Two of the most effective tracking devices are the The Paw Tracker and the Whistle Go Explore. Both feature GPS capability and allow pet owners to track current and past locations. In addition, the Whistle Go Explore provides wellness and activity updates for each pet, whether it be licking, scratching or recommended food intake.

See the world from your pet’s point of view

Many of us enjoy sports and wear cameras to relive those thrilling moments while surfing, biking and more. Point-of-view cameras are not only the domain for sports-oriented humans. Several manufacturers have created pet cams that allow owners to see the world from their pet’s point of view. Uncle Milton Pet’s Eye View Camera allows pet owners to attach a digital camera to their pet’s collar and automatically take photographs at predetermined intervals.

Concerned about uninvited critters entering your pet door?

Dog and cat owners frequently provide their pets the freedom to come and go as they wish by installing a pet entrance on an exterior door. While too small for most humans to fit through, there is no telling what kind of creature can creep into your home through an unsecured pet door. Homeowners no longer have to be concerned about uninvited guests. Wagz makes the Go Smart Door, a smart entryway that is integrated with a pet collar and managed via a smart device. In addition, the door features a motion-activated HD video camera, so owners can verify that it’s their pet exiting and entering the home.

Pet care has come a long way in terms of entertainment, monitoring, feeding and wellness. With people’s penchant for all kinds of high-tech gadgets, it should come as no surprise that that interest has made its way to pet care through interactive and wearable devices that serve and entertain pets and owners alike.