5 High-Tech Night Lights for Better Sleep

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Bring the best of smart lighting solutions to your home with high-tech night lights. High-tech night lights can help you create a safer environment for navigating your home in the dark and may even help you get a better night’s sleep. So, here are our five favorite high-tech night lights that can offer health benefits and deliver a soothing atmosphere.

1. Experience The Galaxy With a Sky Lite

The Sky Lite Laser Galaxy Projector from BlissLights will make you feel like you’re floating in the calm of outer space. This is because it’s a unique night light that projects the universe of stars against a stunning blue nebula cloud. The projector lights add an ambience unlike any other smart light available that can transform any room into a dreamscape within your home.

This light is made for all ages and you can point it towards a wall, a ceiling, or floor. Tilt the device to reach different angles while it easily cycles across different light settings.

2. Add Light In More Places With Vont Lyra LED Night Lights

Vont Lyra LED Night Lights come in a pack of six you can place throughout your home. These high-tech night lights suitable for:

  • Hallways
  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Stairs
  • Kitchens

The smart night lights expertly adjust brightness based on the levels of natural light in the room. So, when it gets dark, they automatically turn on. These lights should be your pick if you’re worried about moving through your house in the dark and injuring yourself.

The minimalist compact design means the night lights won’t stick out no matter where you place them. Plus, the LED lights are energy-efficient. Vont has also thought about eco-friendly packaging so you can be sure that these lights are a choice that’s good for the environment, too.

3. Combine Lighting & Design With a Mipow Playbulb Sphere

Mipow offers several options for cool high-tech night lights, and their Playbulb Sphere only adds to the variety of lighting you can place in your home. This design-forward night light will look great as part of your bedroom decor. And the best part is, no one will know it’s actually a device that’s helping you get more restorative rest.

The Playbulb Sphere is easy to use—simply tap it to change the color. But you can also download the app to your phone and use Bluetooth to control the brightness, effects, and even set the timer.

4. Make Bedroom Lighting Easy With the Apollo Motion- Activated Bedlight

Apollo’s Motion-Activated Bedlight is an LED night light solution that adds ambiance (and safety!) to any bedroom. The light is a safety strip that you place underneath your bed to create a soft, relaxing glow at floor-level to guide you safely without having to turn on the main lights. The motion-activated bed light can also be set on a timer and responds only when needed in the dark.

Another plus is that the bedlight is a breeze to install—it doesn’t require tools and all you need is self-adhesive tape.

5. Sleep Better With Philips Smart Sleep

Philips brings high-tech night lights to a new level with their collection of Smart Sleep lights. The collection features lights specifically for waking up refreshed. They also offer combination lights that help you drift off into sleep as well as get you up in the morning. The sleep lights simulate sunset by decreasing the amount of light and gently creating a relaxing atmosphere to help you fall asleep.

With the Smart Sleep lights you can personalize the experience through the SleepMapper app. This app helps keep track of your bedtime and wake up lights during the week. The advanced alarm scheduler also includes 20 different lights and soothing sounds for optimal rest and a refreshed morning.

Add the best high-tech night lights to your home for safer pathways, sounder sleep, and a calming atmosphere. Who says night lights are just for kids?