7 Gadgets to Travel on a Budget With Kids

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Travel on a budget can be challenging, especially when you’re vacationing with kids. Children of all ages typically need lots of gear when you’re on the go, and that’s before you factor in airfare and/or gas money, hotels, and food. It can be enough to make any parent consider a staycation instead.

Fortunately, there are a number of affordable and kid-friendly gadgets that will come in handy during a trip, that will still allow you to travel on a budget.

1. Keep Electronics Powered Up on the Go With a Portable Power Bank

To keep the batteries of your kids’ electronics powered up in the car or plane, while still achieving your goal of travel on a budget, consider an Anker 313 Power Bank portable charger.

The durable and scratch-resistant portable charger:

  • Will quickly charge phones, laptops, headphones, and tablets
  • Weighs only 8 oz.
  • Features a MultiProtect system that prevents devices from overcharging

The Anker portable charger also features a slim profile, so you can easily tuck it into a backpack.

2. Combine Storage & Charging With a Charger Backpack

Another effective way to keep electronics charged, as well as stored safely, during vacations is with a portable charger backpack.

For instance, the MATEIN Mlassic Travel Laptop Backpack includes a built-in USB charger on the outside, and built-in charging cable on the inside. You can hook up the portable power bank, or other charging device, to the USB charger and power your electronics while out and about.

The portable charging backpack, which comes in a variety of colors:

  • Is available in two sizes: 15.6 in. and 17 in.
  • Has a separate laptop compartment
  • Comes with adjustable shoulder straps

Your kids can also store their books, snacks, and other travel essentials in the backpack.

3. Durable & Fun Luggage for Kids 

Giving each child their own carry-on suitcase can make traveling easier for all of you. You won’t have to pack all of their things in your luggage, and they can help get their own suitcase through the airport, or out to the car. 

The Younglingz Lil Flyer ride-on suitcase for kids is fun and sturdy. The best part is it saves little legs moving between terminals in the airport or even while you’re making your way to your hotel. It helps you travel on a budget with your kids because you save money on taxis and buses when you can walk further. Towing your toddler on this ride-along suitcase will help you travel longer on foot, and see more sights. 

Meanhile, older and larger kids will get years of use out of the Voltage DLX Carry-On Spinner suitcase from Samsonite. This suitcase is ideal for preschoolers up to teenagers thanks to its durable hard shell which helps you travel on a budget because you don’t have to buy new luggage every year.

The suitcase, which weighs just over six pounds empty, features:

  • A durable exterior
  • WetPak and mesh pockets on the inside that can hold shampoo, bubble bath, and other toiletries
  • A USB port with a protective cover on the TSA-approved lock panel

It takes very little effort to move the Voltage DLX Carry-On Spinner so kids can push it along on their own, or use the pull handle.

4. Bluetooth Headphones for Kids Are User-Friendly & Comfortable

Kids can enjoy their favorite shows and games on their devices without disturbing their fellow travelers with Bluetooth headphones.

For instance, the SoundForm Mini Wireless On-Ear Headphones for Kids from Belkin were designed especially for younger users and with your wallet in mind.

These budget-friendly headphones:

  • Have a battery life of up to 30 hours
  • Feature controls that are easy for young kids to use
  • Protect kids’ ears with a volume cap of 85 decibels

The Bluetooth range on the SoundForm headphones is 30 ft., so your kids will stay connected even if they’re moving around.

5. Encourage Kids To Sleep On the Plane With a Kids Bed

Sleeping on a plane can be challenging, especially when you’re trying to travel on a budget and don’t have the funds to buy extra seats. But thanks to the BedBox from JetKids, your little one can stay on their sleep schedule during a long flight.

The BedBox, which is accepted by many airlines, can be used by children two-years-old and up.

The BedBox:

  • Holds everything your child needs for their trip
  • Transforms from a ride-on suitcase into a bed once you’re on the plane
  • Includes a mattress

6. Load Movies & TV Shows Onto a Flash Drive

There may be occasions during your travel on a budget when you’ll be offline and your kids can’t stream their favorite shows and movies. So to keep them entertained during these times, consider downloading shows ahead of time onto a USB Type-C Flash Drive from Samsung.

The flash drive is compatible with USB-C devices, including:

  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Smartphones

The 256GB of storage space is big enough for a maximum of 12 hours of 4K video. It’s also temperature-proof and waterproof, so if something spills on it while you’re on the plane, the flash drive should continue to work.

7. Stay Hydrated With a Filtering Water Bottle

Buying bottled water in airports can be costly. But you can keep your kids well-hydrated while you travel on a budget with a filtering water bottle.

For instance, the Premium Filtering Hard-Sided Plastic Water Bottle from Brita:

  • Comes in a rainbow of colors
  • Holds 26 oz. of water
  • Is BPA-free

The water bottle will filter water as you sip, and it comes with a straw. At the airport, you can bring the empty bottle through security, and then fill it up at a drinking fountain or other water source once you reach your gate.

Keep Your Kids & Your Wallet Happy When You Travel on a Budget

When it comes to travel on a budget, including children is definitely doable. If you include gadgets like portable chargers that keep devices powered up to Bluetooth headphones that keep kids entertained right through to airplane beds, and more, you and your family will be able to save money on every trip.