9 Gadgets for Outdoor Entertaining

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Warm weather is almost here, and gadgets for outdoor entertaining can make an al fresco gathering feel like a party, no matter the number of guests.

From outdoor movie nights to backyard barbecues, we think the nine gadgets on this list will help you throw the perfect outdoor party.

1. Watch Movies From a Portable Projector

Cinemood is one of the top-rated outdoor patio gadgets on the market. This projector is truly portable (you can literally pick it up with one hand), so you can bring it to a friend’s house, to the beach, or set it up in your backyard.

Not only does it turn any surface into a screen, but Cinemood is also compatible with video games and has VR capability. Imagine a sleepover where one side of your house turns into a giant video game screen—you’ll score major brownie points with the kids!

2. Grill To Perfection With a Bluetooth Grill Thermometer

For any backyard grill master, a must-have gadget is a bluetooth grill thermometer. Our pick is the Weber iGrill 2. Download the app on your smartphone to keep an eye on your food even when you’re away from the grill. The app alerts you once meat reaches the ideal temperature, so you can serve perfectly grilled food even if you’re busy with other hosting duties.

The Weber iGrill 2 works with any type of grill or smoker. Still deciding on whether you want to grill or smoke your food? Let us help you make up your mind.

3. Play Music On a Waterproof Portable Speaker

While there are many waterproof portable speakers out there, the JBL Go 3 is a compact choice with the most power to play music at stereo-quality levels.

The speaker delivers a clear sound without the hassle of having to plug in anything outside. Another plus for outdoor entertaining is the waterproof and dust-proof casing. This means you can pump your favorite tunes to any outdoor environment without having to worry about damaging your device.

4. Create Ambience With a Portable Propane Outdoor Fire Pit

If you’re looking for the ambience of having a fire without the hassle, add a portable propane outdoor fire pit to your list of gadgets for outdoor entertaining.

Heininger’s Portable Propane Fire Pit is compact and burns clean without smoke. Another plus of this fire pit is that you won’t have to deal with sourcing, chopping, or storing a ton of firewood in preparation for your next gathering. Instead, this fire pit comes with a 10-foot hose to discreetly connect it to the propane tank.

5. Include Planter Solar Lights in Your Landscaping

You’ll need to set the mood for your outdoor gathering. And we all know the best way to create the right ambience is with lighting. Even outside, lighting can play a key part in your party decor. So, we recommend going with solar lighting. It’s environmentally friendly, easier on your wallet, and no cords or wires make it a stylish choice.

If you really want your outdoor lighting to blend into your landscaping, consider Gardner’s Supply Company’s Solar Illuminated Planter. This planter holds your plants, plus it can light up your patio, walkway, or doorway. The lights are bright and can be set to one color or to color-changing mode for a truly magical outdoor experience.

6. Repel Mosquitoes With a Flameless Torch

You may think there’s no gadget for outdoor entertaining that will keep annoying bugs away. Luckily, we have you covered with something that really works. Thermacell has introduced a new and improved version of a flameless torch that not only lights up your outdoor paths, but has the technology to repel pesky mosquitoes, too.

Besides a sleek style, the flameless torch has a 15-foot range for keeping mosquitoes away. You may also be happy to know that it’s DEET-free and there’s no unpleasant smell, either. The four warm LED lights make a flameless look that’s ideal for anyone who loves gadgets for outdoor entertainment that are functional and flexible.

7. Make Gourmet Pizzas With an Outdoor Pizza Oven

Let’s face it, the gadget for outdoor entertaining with the biggest wow factor is probably an outdoor pizza oven. For seasoned chefs and novices alike, we recommend the Bertello Wood Fire and Gas Outdoor Pizza Oven.

This pizza oven comes with so many features:

  • Heats to over 930 degrees F
  • It can cook a pizza in less than two minutes
  • Includes charcoal, wood, pellets, or the option to buy a separate gas burner
  • Comes with a pizza stone

8. Entertain in Any Weather With an Outdoor Heater

If you live in a place where summer takes a long time to get going, or where the temperature dips at night, you definitely need a heat source to make sure your guests are comfortable. We think Patio Comfort’s Portable Jet Silver Propane Heater is perfect for these scenarios.

With a draft-free circle of warmth up to 12 feet, the heater also has adjustable temperature control so you can make sure your guests are truly comfortable. And perhaps the best part? The sleek stainless steel heater has wheels, so you can bring it with you all over your outdoor space.

9. Cook On a Portable Grill If You’re Away From Home

If your outdoor entertaining is happening on the road this summer, you’ll need to be able to cook on something you can bring with you. Enter Coleman’s Roadtrip X-Cursion 2 Burner Propane Gas Portable Grill. Because of its collapsable legs, off-road wheels, and 20,000 BTUs of power, this grill is an ideal gadget for outdoor entertaining when it comes to on-the-go grilling.

And this isn’t a tiny grill that can’t get the job done while you’re camping, on a road trip or at the beach. The 285-square-inch cooking surface has interchangeable cook tops to make a variety of meals outdoors. With push button ignition, you’ll be ready to fire up the grill quickly and efficiently.

From bright outdoor lighting to the functionality of portable grills and fire pits, there’s a range of technology out there to make outdoor entertaining easy.