Best Tech for Indoor Plants

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Not everyone is blessed with a green thumb. Luckily, there’s tech for indoor plants can help anyone start and maintain an indoor garden.

From smart temperature sensors to fully automated watering systems, the best indoor gardening gadgets can lead to healthier plants. Plus, they make managing any number of plants a breeze.

Discover which tech system may work for your indoor garden this year.

Choose a Click and Grow Smart Garden for an Automated Gardening Experience

The company Click and Grow’s Smart Garden 3 system is made of multiple planter models that monitor and water your plants for you. These smart planter boxes extend from small window sizes to larger garden planters so they’ll fit in practically any space.

Simply pop three biodegradable plant pods into your Click and Grow system and it automatically waters plus provides nutrients for your plants.

With over 50 different pods to choose from, there are endless options for growing herbs, vegetables, and flowers. The Click and Grow Smart Gardens range in price from $99 to $199.95.

Nthing Square‘s App Can Diagnose Your Plant Problems for You

Nthing Square harnesses hydroponic cultivation in their smart planter pot. It seamlessly integrates with an app to update you on:

  • Temperature
  • Light
  • Humidity levels

Plus, if your plant needs more attention, the app will alert you to what the issue may be. Nthing’s technology transmits data to the app through sensors to communicate plant health and it even waters your plant automatically. All this comes at around a cost of $15 per square unit.

AeroGarden Harvest Fits on Your Kitchen Counter

AeroGarden offers an assortment of tech for indoor plants with smart planter boxes you can put right on the kitchen counter. The AeroGarden Harvest is available for $99.95 and can grow up to six different plants at a time with seed pods that can hold vegetables, herbs, or flowers.

The AeroGarden is one of the cleanest and simplest options when it comes to tech for indoor plants. This smart planter doesn’t require soil and has a built-in light source. The 20-watt LED lights emulate sunlight for ideal growing conditions.

While the AeroGarden Harvest doesn’t automatically water plants, it is wired to alert you about water levels and other plant needs as necessary.

Biopod Brings the Outdoors Inside

Biopod has a unique approach to indoor planting: replicating outdoor environments.

With a clear casing, this smart microhabitat connects to an app to control:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Ventilation
  • Water levels

The Biopod is perfect for creating the ideal environment for a plant to grow and thrive. It can even be handy if you have a pet that requires a habitat with certain humidity levels or temperature like lizards or turtles. Biopod systems start at $225 and come in multiple sizes.

Plantui Smart Garden 3 Grows a Trio of Plants at Once

Plantui Smart Garden 3 lets you grow three compatible plants that require the same temperature, water, and light. From there, the system regulates through an aquaculture approach—there’s no soil—only water and nutrients. The system does the work for you by monitoring oxygen and nutrient-rich water levels for ideal plant growth.

Plantui’s planters are not only functional, but their elegant design can suit any living room, kitchen, or office. The system is mainly focused on planting a small amount of herbs or leafy greens.

Plantui Smart Garden 3 starts at $180 and increases in price based on the number of plant pods that fit within the system.

Netatmo Weather Station Ensures the Perfect Growing Environment

Netatmo Weather Stations monitor your environment so you can learn more about how it may be affecting your indoor plants.

This helpful piece of tech for indoor plants offers ventilation warnings and looks at:

  • Humidity levels
  • Temperature changes
  • Air quality

Indoor versions of the Netatmo Weather Station come with three stations so you can monitor different rooms in your home. Indoor modules start at $99.00 and go up to $249.99 for multiple modules.

Lechuza CLASSICO LS 21 Combines Tech for Indoor Plants With Style

Lechuza Classico LS 21 is a smart planting pot that blends design and tech for indoor plants to fit any home decor. It helps flower arrangements stay healthy and firmly in place all year round.

The planter features a sub-irrigation system and is able to regulate the amount of water flowers and plants need to stay fresh. Complete with a liner, the Classico LS 21 makes it easy to care for plants and switch out old ones when you need a change. The smart planting pot costs $52.99.

VegTrug Grow Care Is a Smart Sensor at a Smart Price

VegTrug Grow Care is a smart sensor that monitors:

  • Temperature
  • Soil moisture
  • Light

You plant the sensor within the pot and it uses Bluetooth to talk directly to the app, which you’ll need to download onto your phone.

The VegTrug smart sensor is one of the more affordable sensors on the market, starting at $35 per device.

Whether you want fresh flowers for decoration or want to grow your own food, the right piece of tech for your indoor plants is out there. This niche technology can help grow healthier plants and boost the confidence levels of casual and advanced gardeners alike.