Hands-free Tech for Hands-on Driving

We’ve all been there. You notice someone driving erratically and then you see it—the cellphone in their hand. We should all do our part to keep the roads safe, and that’s why it’s important to equip your vehicle with gadgets for hands-free driving.

Whether it’s answering an important text message or trying to distract the kids in the backseat, the temptation to pay a less attention to the road is real. Unfortunately, the stakes are much higher than many of us realize with over a million car accidents a year attributed to distracted driving. It’s also why many states have implemented hands-free driving laws.

So, how do you stay focused while driving? The solution is simple: Take advantage of gadgets for hands-free driving to help keep your eyes and mind on the road.

Use Phone Mounts for Hands-Free Driving

Some of the best gadgets for hands-free driving are mounts for your smartphone. There are a variety of options when it comes to these mounts, so you should be able to find one that works for your vehicle and phone.

Some of the most popular car phone mount designs include:

Phone mounts allow you to easily view navigation, use voice commands, and control your music. Situate them at eye level so you can see your screen without taking your eyes off the road.

Set Up a Bluetooth Device to Reduce Distracting Driving

Not all vehicles come with Bluetooth capabilities that allow for hands-free driving. But luckily there are a number of Bluetooth solutions on the market you can add to your car.

Bluetooth devices sync with your phone, allowing you to make and receive calls without looking at or touching your phone. While some Bluetooth devices use built-in speakers to provide you with the safe, hands-free driving experience you need, other Bluetooth gadgets integrate into your vehicle’s sound system.

Besides phone calls, a Bluetoooth system can also help you read and send texts without having to look at your phone. The device will read an incoming text message aloud and you can also dictate texts to be sent without having to type.

These options are a wonderful way to stay in touch with the office, family, or friends while on the go while still being an engaged, safe driver.

Keep Your Passengers Entertained With Tech

Sometimes, the distractions don’t come from your phone. Instead, it’s your passengers who are taking your focus from the road. In cases like these, it’s best to keep them entertained so that you can all arrive safely at your destination.

So, instead of reaching into the back to hand out snacks or make peace, invest in some entertainment options for your passengers. For older passengers, something like an e-reader is an excellent solution. But younger kids may require something a bit more age-appropriate and stimulating, such as a headrest entertainment system.

Download an App to Restrict Smartphone Usage

There are lots of apps out there that aim to decrease distracted driving by:

Whether you have bad habits you want to break, you want to reduce the phone temptation you feel while driving, or you want to simplify your phone’s functions to make them easier to use while on the go, these apps are worth a try.

No matter where you’re going, gadgets for hands-free driving are important for keeping you, your passengers, and other travelers safe.

With so many innovative gadgets and pieces of technology now available to assist, there’s really no excuse for distracted driving. By using these hands-free gadgets and devices, you set yourself up for safe trips while on the road.