15 Great Gifts for Gamers

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Finding great gifts for gamers is always a challenge, but there are gift options for your favorite gamer in a range of budgets. 

We hope these ideas make shopping a breeze this holiday season. It doesn’t matter if your loved one games on an Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, or PC, your quest for creative gaming gift ideas starts now.

1. Play on a Game-Boy-Inspired Console Phone Case

This retro Game Boy game phone case is a cool and kitschy accessory appealing to old-school gamers. The case resembles a vintage handheld console and includes 36 playable vintage-style video games so they’ll never get bored. This case is available for select iPhone models so make sure your gamer has a phone that fits it before you buy.

2. Fight Hunger With a Final-Fantasy-Themed Cookbook

We all need to eat, so why not combine gaming and food? “The Ultimate Final Fantasy XIV Cookbook: The Essential Culinarian Guide to Hydaelyn” by Victoria Rosenthal includes more than 70 themed recipes from the culinary landscape of the online roll-playing game “Final Fantasy XIV.” 

With detailed step-by-step directions and inspiring photographs, this cookbook is one of those gifts for gamers that suits anyone from cooking noob to experienced foodie.

3. Make Their Home Decor Match Their Fandom

If you’re shopping for a gamer who loves to talk about their favorite hobby, perhaps they also would love for their home decor to showcase that interest. Etsy vendor Art Gallery AG creates themed print sets for gamers and other pop culture fans. Themes include PlayStation, Xbox, or gaming in general, making it easy for your loved one to show off their fandom.

Another option is the website Society6, which offers additional designs for game lovers including a framed print of an iconic game controller or an “Eat, Sleep, Game, Repeat” print.

4. Bring Game Night to a New Level With Video Game Monopoly

Monopoly manufacturer Hasbro has produced a few video-game-themed Monopoly versions that any gamer would love to add to their board game collection. Whether your gamer prefers Super Mario Brothers or you’re more likely to find them playing Fortnite, game night will never be the same with a new twist on this board game classic. 

5. Add Joy to Jenga With a Gaming Version

If your gamer prefers a tabletop game with a faster pace than Monopoly, a video game version of Jenga might be the ticket. Hasbro offers the popular block game with a couple of options for gamers including a Super Mario Brothers Jenga and a version featuring everyone’s favorite Fortnite characters.

6. Help Your Favorite Gamer Relax With a Pokémon Bath Bombs Set

Many gamers like to relax with a warm bath after a day spent playing video games. Kids and adults who enjoy Pokémon Go video games or card games might also enjoy a bath using Pokémon-themed bath bombs by Kay’s Bath.

Not only do these bath bombs resemble the colorful Poké balls, each also contains a small Pokémon figurine. The set also comes with a surprise Pokémon card, so this is like three gifts in one.

7. Build a Super Mario Nintendo Entertainment System Legos Set

For the vintage game fan, Legos and Mario Brothers may be a perfect combination. The Super Mario Nintendo Lego set contains everything your gamer will need to recreate an authentic-looking Nintendo system complete with an 80s-style television with the Mario Brothers on the screen.

8. Choose a Gaming Headset for Immersive Audio

Music and sound are crucial elements to a gaming experience. And few things enhance a gamer’s life like a great headset. If you think the gamer in your life would like some quality headphones, you can’t go wrong with the Bose QuietComfort 35 Series 2 Gaming Headset for sound quality and comfort. 

These headphones feature a removable gaming module microphone. But without the special gaming module, the headphones operate as a standard pair of noise-canceling headphones. Users can adjust them through three levels of noise cancellation for situations when they need to be aware of their surroundings or for an immersive gaming experience.

9. Go With a Challenging Jigsaw Puzzle For Gamers 

Gamers often love challenges, and a jigsaw puzzle can certainly be a hands-on challenge. Zazzle offers a collection of video game-themed puzzles which are great gifts for gamers who enjoy playing “Kingdom Hearts.” The site also has different anime and pop-art-themed puzzle designs. 

10. Play On With a Games Subscription

If your gamer loves variety, give them the gift of access to more games. Apple Arcade and X-Box Game Pass are two options for gift games subscriptions and both offer unlimited access to the games in the platform’s game libraries. Just make sure you find out which platform or type of phone they use before purchasing a games subscription.

11. Relive Classics Through This Video Game Art Book

The Atari 2600/7800: A Visual Compendium Book by Bit Map Books features art from throughout Atari’s history. Art buffs, history geeks, and vintage game lovers may enjoy browsing pixel art and cover art for over 200 classic games. 

12. Listen to the Soundtrack of Your Favorite Game

Video game soundtracks help create the immersive experience associated with a game. And sometimes, you can buy a game’s album or soundtrack. 

Mondo Shop’s Video Game collection includes soundtracks to popular games. This is a perfect gift for gamers and audiophiles who enjoy games including:

  • “Metal Gear Solid”
  • “Resident Evil,”
  • “Castlevania”

13. Build a Minecraft World For Real

People who enjoy building Minecraft worlds may also love assembling a Minecraft Building Lego Set. Castles, farms, and a panda nursery are some of the available gifts for gamers who enjoy an analogue experience when they’re not gaming.  

14. Give the Gift of Comfort With a Gaming Chair

A comfortable chair is essential for gamers who participate in marathon gaming sessions. Secret Lab offers a range of video gaming chairs including some designed around a specific game or franchise including:

  • Minecraft
  • DC
  • League of Legends
  • Game of Thrones

Though pricey, a quality gaming chair is a great gift for gamers who are serious about their craft. 

15. Choose Your Own Adventure With Gift Certificates

New games are always on a gamer’s wish list, but how do you know which game to buy? Gift certificates to a favorite retailer or game platform are always in style and allow your loved one to buy the game or upgrade pack they want most.

Buying gifts for gamers can be fun and easy whether your family member or friend is a serious console gamer or a casual gamer who dabbles in mobile games.