6 High-Tech Furniture Pieces for Your Smart Home

Reading Time: 3 minutes

High-tech furniture manufacturers are embedding technology like Bluetooth into their products to make them a natural fit in your smart home. From nightstands that charge your devices to smart couches to music-playing mirrors, high-tech furniture can make your life more comfortable and convenient. 

Check out these pieces of high-tech furniture that bring both visual appeal and high functionality to your smart homes.

1. Charge Your Devices With a FurniQi Bamboo Side Table

Embrace easy, wireless charging with FurniQi Bamboo Side Table. This sleek table offers easy charging in your living room, study, or bedroom. Charge all your Qi-compatible devices by simply putting them on FurniQi and picking them up when you’re done.

This simple side table with a stylish bamboo finish will fit perfectly into any room. A discreetly hidden charging device means you have the table’s entire surface for your things. Additionally, the charging spot is marked neatly with laser engraving so you can feel for it at night without turning the lights on.

2. Experience Maximum Working Comfort With a Tabula Sense Smart Desk

We all need to be comfortable when we work. And thankfully the Smart Desk from Tabula Sense is a comfort-forward piece of high-tech furniture. For the tech side of things, it features a wireless charging dock and a built-in USB hub to connect other devices with your computer.

In terms of comfort, the desk has lots to offer:

  • An induction-based beverage warmer to keep your drink hot
  • Integrated, water-resistant Bluetooth speakers
  • Height-adjustable legs so you can alternate between sitting and standing

This desk also comes with dirt and water-resistant wood veneer surfaces, to keep it looking great no matter how much you use it. This desk is an investment, but if you’re in the market for a luxury desk it should certainly be on your list.

3. Get a Good Night’s Sleep With a Yaasa Adjustable Bed

With technology designed for your luxury, the Yaasa Adjustable Bed can elevate your head up to a 60-degree angle and your legs up to 28-degree angle. Adaptable in four different places, the bed allows you to sit upright or lift your legs at the end of a tiring workday. This high-tech bed also allows you to save your favorite positions and with the split-king option, you can modify only one side of the bed while the other remains in the original position.

A very handy addition is under-bed lights. This allows the Yaasa bed to guide you on your midnight trips to the bathroom without stubbed toes. The Yaasa Adjustable Bed also comes with an easy-to-use remote that lights up in the dark so that you can easily find it—another great way to avoid injuries in a dark bedroom.

4. Enjoy Touch-Free Music With a Digital Habits Open Mirror

Although it looks like a traditional oval-shaped mirror, the Digital Habits Open Mirror is a high-tech smart device—the bottom portion slides out to reveal a docking and charging station. The mirror comes with Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to connect your smartphone and play your favorite music while you’re getting ready. 

When in play mode, the bottom part of the mirror lights up, indicating where the music controls are. With an advanced gestural interface, the mirror allows you to change the song and manage volume without touching your phone, especially handy if your hands are wet.

5. Experience a Theater at Home With a Miliboo Smart Sofa

Turn your living room into a home theater with Miliboo’s Smart Sofa. With built-in speakers and amplifiers, you can connect the sofa to your smart television for gaming, Netflix, and much more. The sofa also connects with other smart home devices including:

  • Control doors
  • Thermostats
  • Lights
  • Alarms

You only need to tell the sofa what to do, and its voice control feature—compatible with Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant—will take care of the rest. 

The smart couch comes with a vibration seat and base lighting with adjustable color and intensity to give you a truly immersive entertainment experience. This luxury sofa is launching soon. Sign up to Miliboo’s email list to be notified when the sofa hits the market.

6. Relax in Comfort With a Pillow HR Chair

The Pillow HR Chair by Octane Seating is a modern tech-friendly furniture piece designed to suit your comfort. You can adjust the power headrest back and forth using buttons on the inside arm of the chair. The chair’s arms also feature built-in deep storage compartments that can easily stock remote controls, snacks, magazines, and other items. 

The LED-lighted base rail and cupholders make for a hassle-free comfortable evening and add a cozy ambiance to the room. The Pillow HR also comes with a built-in USB docking station to make sure your devices always have power. In addition, the power recline feature allows for uninterrupted luxury with a variety of positions to choose from.

Give Your Home a Smart Upgrade With High-Tech Furniture

Besides a stylish look for your house, high-tech furniture can bring convenience, security, comfort, and entertainment to your everyday activities. Invest in smart furniture and keep up with the smart way of living.