High-Tech Holiday Lighting Guide

You may want to make the outside of your home sparkle and dazzle this holiday season. Or you may be looking to transform the inside of your home into a warm and cozy winter sanctuary. Whatever your seasonal decorating goals, there are high-tech holiday lighting options to help you achieve your vision this holiday season.

From lights you control on your smartphone to gadgets that upgrade what you already have, there are so many fun high-tech decorating options out there. Not to mention, newer LED lights can be up to 10-times more power-efficient and long-lasting than the older types of holiday lights.

To help, we put together a handy guide for all of your high-tech holiday lighting needs.

The Best High-Tech Holiday Lighting to Illuminate Your Home This Season 

We’ve taken out the guesswork to help you find some of the coolest and most quality products on the market. Because let’s admit it—lights are always the best part of holiday decorating.

You Can Control Twinkly’s LED String Lights From Your Phone

Those old-school holiday string lights with one blinking setting are a thing of the past. Take string lights into this century with lights by Twinkly, which you control right from an app on your smartphone.

As if this wasn’t impressive enough, this LED lighting can sync with your Christmas music and create over 15 million custom combinations.

Philips Hue LightStrips Plus Make Anywhere in Your Home Shine

You can create an instant, warm ambiance with Philips Hue LightStrips. All you have to do is place the adhesive strips under cabinets, shelves, and more to make any corner of the house glow during those cold winter nights. You can also remotely control the colors via an app where you can also:

  • Create over 16 million color combinations
  • Design custom light scenes
  • Set timers

Frontgate Meteor Lights Transform Your Home Into a Fairytale

Turn your home into a magical place straight from a storybook with Frontgate Meteor Lights. The strands of 12-channel LED lights create a cascade of glowing, whimsical light with settings such as:

  • Steady glow
  • Twinkle
  • Chase
  • Shower

Each set contains two 3-foot strands and one 4-foot strand. You can use them indoor or outdoor to hang from trees, stair banisters or anywhere you want some high-tech holiday lighting.

Lumenplay App-Enabled Lights Combine Tech & a Retro Aesthetic

Remember those big, bright, “fat” bulbs that may have been part of your childhood holidays? You can recreate that look—but in a much smarter way—with Lumenplay C7 lights.

Using LED lights, these smart bulbs create a vibrant light show with up to 16 million different color combinations. Plus, you can control the lights through their app on your phone.

Other High-Tech Holiday Lighting-Related Gadgets

If you’re not too sure about any of the high-tech holiday lighting options above, maybe one of these smart lighting options will help you bring holiday cheer to your home this year.

Wemo Mini Smart Plug Works With Your Old Lights

Not quite ready to toss out that old strand of lights? Well you can at least connect it to Wi-Fi. The Wemo Mini Smart Plug allows you to control your Christmas lights through your phone or Amazon Alexa—setting schedules and randomizing lights. Then, when the holidays are over, you can use the smart plug to remotely control any of your electronics.

YIWIR Remote-Controlled Flameless Candle Is a Safe Holiday Lighting Option

Candles were the original lights of the holidays. Luckily today we’ve made them much smarter and safer. YIWIR’s remote-controlled flameless candles feature LED flames. With these flameless candles you can choose between various timers and static flickering light options, as well as brightness levels—all controlled via a remote. No smoke, no fire risk, and no mess.