High-Tech Personal Safety Devices

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Safety is one of the most basic human needs. And personal safety devices can help you feel more secure by offering enhanced access to emergency services, location tracking, and even personal alarm systems. 

Let’s look at some high-tech personal safety devices that offer added peace of mind when you’re out and about.

Flare Bracelet Is a Stylish & Covert Personal Alarm System

Flare personal alarm bracelets look like any regular piece of jewelry, but with an extra sense of security. The stylish Flare wearable personal safety devices have a hidden SOS button that triggers a phone call to select contacts. The button is hard to spot, and pressing it will just look like you’re adjusting your bracelet. 

You can easily connect the Flare personal safety device to your phone using the Flare app. After downloading the app, pair it to your bracelet via Bluetooth.

The bracelet offers three exit strategies if you find yourself in an unsafe situation: 

  • Text emergency contact: This option helps you alert your chosen contact via text for backup. You can set up these chosen emergency contacts in your Flare app. 
  • Inform 911 of your location: With a press of a hidden button, Flare can also help you quickly alert first responders of your GPS location.
  • Activate a fake phone call: The Flare bracelet can also discreetly activate a fake phone call. You will receive the phone call in a few seconds with a real recorded message. This can give you a good exit strategy with the pretext of receiving the call.  

InvisaWear Stylish Accessories With Discreet SOS Capability

InvisaWear personal safety devices also look like everyday accessories. The products vary from bracelets and bands to keychains and necklaces, and they’re backed by ADT, a much-recognized name in the security sector.

To activate an emergency response, double-click the panic button at the back of the accessory. You can also install the free InvisaWear app and add up to five emergency contacts. Your selected emergency contact will receive a text message with a link to your location when you press your alarm button. You can also enable the free and optional 911 feature that connects with ADT to get you 911 assistance. 

The premium version lets you share video footage with an ADT agent. It also offers: 

  • Reassurance calls 
  • Live GPS tracking 
  • Activity tracking  
  • Virtual defense classes

Garmin inReach Mini Personal Safety Devices for Hikers 

Garmin inReach Mini is a personal safety device that reports your GPS coordinates from almost anywhere globally. Most modern high-tech personal safety devices require working cell service or Wi-Fi connection. So if you’re a frequent hiker, camper, or are otherwise away from cell services, this can be incredibly worrying. 

Garmin’s inReach Mini uses satellite connections instead, making it effective in remote areas. This personal safety gadget is small, light, and uses the super-fast Iridium satellite network to get your SOS to the closest first responder.

Sabre Personal Safety App Keeps Your Contacts Close 

The Sabre Personal Safety App gets you the help you need by alerting trusted contacts or authorities. But unlike the other high-tech personal safety options, you don’t need a new device or accessory. You can simply access the app on your smartphone, and it’s free to use. (If you would also like access to police services, you need a monthly subscription of $5.) 

The Sabre personal safety app features a panic button that sends a link with your location to your contacts. If you have a subscription, it will also alert authorities to your location. If it was a false alarm, you can mark yourself safe by keying in your PIN to authenticate the command. The Sabre personal safety app is available on Apple iOS and Android. 

Use Strava For Personal Safety, Not Just Workout Tracking

Most people use the Strava social network to record runs or bike rides. But did you know the app doubles as a personal safety device? Strava has a free feature called Beacon, which shares your real-time location with the contacts you choose.

The app sends critical information to your contacts including:

  • When you started the activity
  • How long you’ve been doing the activity
  • Your phone’s battery percentage

And if you aren’t home by the check-in time you set, your contacts can share your GPS map with local authorities.    

Feel Safer With High-tech Personal Safety Devices

With this new generation of personal safety devices, you now have access to tech that’s ideal for everyday wear, is less bulky, and doesn’t have a “panic button” look or feel.