Holiday Decor Gadgets to Shop This Year

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Whether you’re doing it alone or with your whole family, holiday decorating is, without a doubt, joyful. While you may have a bunch of great holiday decor in storage, adding new pieces is always exciting. And adding smart gadgets to your holiday is always a nice and convenient upgrade. 

So, here are a few new holiday decor gadgets to light up your festive season. 

Smart Light Bulbs Are Easy to Set Up

Smart light bulbs can create a cozy holiday mood and atmosphere.

Two options for decorative smart bulbs are the Cync Full Color Direct Connect Smart Bulb from GE and the Aurora bulb from Nooie. Both have:

  • An app you download to control the bulbs
  • Millions of colors to choose from
  • Compatibility with voice command systems like Alexa and Google Assistant

But perhaps the best thing about smart light bulbs is that they’re simple to use. You only need to replace the standard light bulb in your lamp or light fixure with one of these smart bulbs and download the control app.

You then leave the light switch on so the app can control the bulb instead. (Although you can connect each smart bulb separately, that may require you to add a hub to your router.)  

Projector Beam Tree Topper Creates a Fun & Dramatic Holiday Decor

A tree topper with projector lights is a holiday decor option that personalizes your tree and adds a touch of magic. It helps create a dramatic and glowing ambiance with more holiday spirit than your regular tree topper. 

Out of the box this star-shaped tree topper may seem like nothing new, but when you plug it in it projects snowflakes on the ceiling.

Upgrade From Inflatable Santa to Holographic Santa 

Displaying a holographic Santa as part of your holiday decor is an excellent way of upgrading your Santa decoration. An animated holographic Santa is real-looking and may be able to sing holiday music, wave to people passing by your house or eat some virtual milk and cookies.

To set up the holographic Santa, you will need:

String Lights Introduce Amazing Lighting Effects to Your Space

String lights help to create a more colorful and diverse holiday decor look during the holiday season. You can hang the string lights decoratively on your curtains, holiday tree, or walls. Then, create the patterns and effects to turn your space into a festive wonderland.

With Twinkly string lights, you can use the Twinkly app (available for iOS and Android) to customize the:

  • Brightness
  • Intensity
  • Lighting patterns

Flickering Flameless Candles Use Moving Flame Technology to Enhance Safety

Flickering flameless candles use moving flame technology to create the holiday decor you want without the fire hazard. If you’re looking for safer decorations for your home, especially if you have pets and/or kids, flameless candles may be just what you need.

Luminara’s holiday collection of flameless candles uses LED technology to simulate a burning candle. In festive colors like red, crystal white, and even striped like candy canes, they’re bound to add that special touch of holiday spirit. They’re also a breeze to use with a simple on/off switch on the bottom of every candle.

An Outdoor Light Projector Creates a Holiday Mood in Your Outdoor Space

An outdoor light projector elevates your outdoor holiday decor, especially if you don’t have time to hang string lights. With the light projector, you only need to set it up in your yard and project your preferred light patterns onto your hole.

The Christmas Laser Light Projector from Famlighting comes with either four or 12 Christmas decoration slides so you can change up the images and patterns whenever you like.

This projector is the definition of versatile because you can also use it inside and for more than just Christmas. This is because you can also buy slides that have Halloween images to use during spooky season as well.

Smart Holiday Trees Are Easy To Set Up

Smart holiday trees are a wonderful addition during the holiday season. They are easy to care for and are an investment for future holiday seasons.

The Goplus holiday tree has a full and realistic design complete with pine cones and berries. The tree also comes with LED lights that help create a holiday mood. The pre-lit lights are energy efficient, long-lasting, and save time during set up. 

Smart Plugs Promote Smart Control of Holiday Gadgets

Kasa outdoor and indoor smart plugs are the powerhouse of a smart home and you can use them to add smart holiday decor to your home this year. Luckily, they fit your power outlet without blocking the adjacent socket. Plus, they’re versatile and you can control smart gadgets by:

  • Voice control: This enables you to use voice commands to control plugged-in devices with Samsung SmartThings, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa.
  • Remote control: You can control plugged-in devices by using the Kasa Smart app on your phone.

If you plug your holiday decor into a smart plug, it becomes a piece of smart decor. Then, you can control the device with Kasa Smart app to turn on and off when you want to, set a timer, and control it with your voice via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Spruce Up Your Home With Smart Holiday Decor

Smart holiday decor gadgets make decorating easier because set up and take down are much easier than with traditional decorations. Use smart gadgets today to customize your holiday decor and add some flair to your festive season.