How to Find the Perfect Affordable Vacuum

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Vacuuming should be pretty straightforward. And it is, if you have an all carpet, single floor home. But add in some stairs, tile in the kitchen, and a fur baby who insists on sleeping on the couch, and suddenly things get complicated. 

If you’ve ever found yourself with too many dysfunctional vacuums, you know the pain of trying to find a vacuum that can keep up with life. Vacuum shopping isn’t exactly the most exciting quest, but hey – sometimes growing up means getting (way too) excited about finding the perfect vacuum. To make things easy, we did a comprehensive analysis of some of the top rated vacuums out there. If you’re not looking to take out a second mortgage to fund your cleaning tools, check out this comparison of 4 affordable vacuums – that actually work.

Pros: Not your grandmother’s vacuum, this zippy lightweight vacuum can handle it all. Floors and carpets? Check. Stairs and furniture? Check. Have pets? This vacuum comes with Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology® and a HEPA filter.The Shark Navigator is great about handling hair – the Zero-M self cleaning brushroll allows nonstop hair removal (because we all know it’s an uphill battle). It weighs in at an easy 15.5 pounds. And the Lift-Away detachable pod makes for quick handling of stairs and furniture. 

Cons: The Shark Navigator offers fewer attachment options than some of its competitors. We didn’t take off too many points, though. With swivel steering allowing you to reach even the most hard-to-access places, you’ll hardly miss the extra tools.

Pros:If you’ve ever moved from carpet to bathroom floors, just to watch your vacuum explode dirt all over the place, you’ll love the WindTunnel 2. Its multi-floor brush roll feature prevents the dreaded debris dump. 

Plus, with the cord rewind feature, there’s no cumbersome cord wrapping hassle. The 16-foot extended cleaning reach makes this vacuum handy with stairs. Plus, it comes with plenty of great attachments. And pet parents, you’ll love the Advanced AllergenBlock Technology, HEPA media filter, Odor-Absorbing Carbon, and pet turbo tool.

Cons: At 16 pounds, this vacuum is a bit heavy. And the short power cord is nothing to write home about. 

Pros: If you’re looking Forcan affordable vacuum, this vacuum offers the best price of our comparison list at just $73. And this one gets extra points, just for being so lightweight. At only 10 pounds, it’s also the lightest vacuum in our comparison list. The NEU180Bis great on pet hair and versatile, handling hardwood, tile, carpets, and rugs alike.

Cons:The extended reach is only 7 feet. And many customers complain that the brush sends dirt flying on tile and wood floors.

Bissell CleanView Upright Vacuum with onePass

Pros: It’s lightweight, it handles stairs, pet fur, and furniture. And at just $75, it’s super affordable. Plus, this vacuum has something invaluable that the other don’t: OnePass technology. That translates to less cleaning time. And that’s a win in our book. That’s why we awarded this affordable vacuum Best Bang for Your Buck.

Cons:This vacuum isn’t great on edges and tight places. You can use the attachments to compensate, but that’s an extra step.