How to Pet Proof Your Tech

Reading Time: 3 minutes

If you need to pet proof your tech, start by considering all possible ways your pet could potentially damage your expensive gadgets. We know our furry friends are often playful, high-energy, and curious, so start with short checklist:

  • Add protective coverings to smaller devices
  • Keep large electronics such as your TV out of reach
  • Always be mindful of cables and charging cords
  • Choose tech that is pet proof by design

With a little planning and foresight and a small investment in the right products, you can pet proof your technology for years to come. 

Keep Your Smartphone Well Protected

The device you use most often is probably your smartphone. And while modern smartphones are generally resilient, there’s still a high risk of breakage with any glass touchscreen. Here are a couple of good ways to protect your valuable smartphone from your pets:

A Rugged Case Provides All-around Protection

The first step to pet proof your smartphone is to ensure you have a high-quality protective case on it. When you aren’t using your phone, it’s likely to be sitting on a table somewhere your dog or cat could knock it on the floor. 

A high-quality case, such as one from the OtterBox Defender Series, provides protection for drops and scrapes. As a bonus, a case like the OtterBox will also help protect your phone from pet hair.

Prevent Cracks & Scratches With a Screen Protector

The most delicate part of your smartphone is the screen. While the glass is typically very durable, all it takes is for your pet to knock your phone over at just the right angle to scratch or crack the display. 

A tempered glass screen protector such as the Zagg InvisibleShield phone case line is a great way to pet proof your smartphone. These screen protectors prevent scratches, and if your phone takes a tumble, the tempered glass can help prevent your screen from cracking.

Pet Proof Your Fancy HD TV

Modern TVs are fantastic, but they’re also lightweight and not nearly as sturdy as old-style CRT TVs. And this makes them easier for your cat or dog to knock onto the floor. But here are some measures you can take to protect your TV from your pets.

Prevent Falls by Wall Mounting Your TV

One of the major upsides of modern, lightweight TVs is you can easily mount them on the wall rather than setting them on an entertainment center or TV stand. Not only does a TV mount provide a more pleasant appearance to your space, but it’s a great way to pet proof your TV setup, too.

The Kanto PDX650 TV wall mount is a good option if you’re looking for a full-motion wall mount for your TV to lift it out of harm’s way.

Keep Your Cables in Check

While a TV wall mount is great for preventing direct contact with your pets, the downside is that the cables from your TV and other home theater equipment are more difficult to hide. With these cables on full display and in reach, there’s a risk of your pets will chew them.

A simple way to complete the pet proofing of your TV is to invest in a cable management system to keep these cables covered. EVEO Cable Concealers are a great way to keep your cables hidden and safe from your pets.

Protect Your Laptop From Pets

Modern laptops are lightweight and thin by design. This is convenient for portability, but it can also make a laptop easier for your pet to knock over. This is particularly problematic when you have it sitting out charging, or generally when you’re not using it.

Use a Protective Sleeve When Not in Use

When it comes to charging, there’s only so much you can do. It’s important to set your laptop up to charge in a place where pets can’t reach it or the cords. It’s very easy for a pet to get tangled in the cord and inadvertently pull the computer to the floor.

When not in use or charging, though, you can take the steps of putting your laptop in a protective sleeve. There are many options, but Bellroy Laptop Sleeves are simple and effective. A protective sleeve will reduce impact shock to protect the internal components if your laptop should happen to fall.

Keep Your Pets in Mind When Choosing a Laptop

Another way to avoid charging-cable-induced mishaps with your pets is to consider magnetic charging. This means if your pet gets tangled in the charging cord, it will very easily pull free from the magnetic charging port and keep the laptop from tumbling.

The Microsoft Surface 4 is a fantastic laptop and it uses magnets to connect the charging cable. This is a great example of a laptop that’s pet proof from day one.

Key Takeaway: Always Think About What Your Pets Are Capable Of

We all love our pets. There’s nothing better after a long, hard day of work than coming home to your furry little friends. But as lovable as they are, our pets can also have a destructive streak. This is why it’s important to pet proof your valuable electronics before disaster strikes.