How to Puppy Proof Your House or Apartment

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Are you about to welcome a new furry friend to your household? If so, you may want to know how to puppy proof your house or apartment as much as possible before their arrival.

So, what products can you pick up to help you protect your furniture and discourage bad behavior? What are some other strategies you can use like making arrangements to look after your puppy when you’re not there? Here are our tips and tricks for puppy proofing your house.

How to Puppy Proof Your House Against Accidents

No matter how smart your new puppy is, there’s no avoiding accidents inside until they get their routine down. But if you’re wondering how to puppy proof your house against accidents, there are a few products you can buy that won’t break the bank but will save your floors and furniture from pet stains.

Puppy Pads Help Contain Any Puppy Accidents & Make for Quick Cleanups

Pogi’s has the answer if you’re looking for plant-based training pads with one eye on the environment. You simply put these pads down where you need an absorbent surface for your puppy.

There are many ways to use puppy pads, but many people train their dogs to go only on the pads, then slowly move them to where they want their puppy to go, like a yard or outside area.

Puppy pads are also a great longer-term option if you live in an apartment where it takes time to make your way outside or during that time before your puppy has had all of their vaccinations and shouldn’t go outside.

These pads feature:

  • A honey-based attractant to help your puppy mark its spot without missing
  • Sustainable fluff pulp to quickly absorb the liquid and neutralize the odor
  • Optional adhesives to keep the pad in place on tiles or hard floors
  • Leakproof lining made from plant-based renewable materials

These pads are available in various sizes to fit small, medium, or large dogs and you can buy them in packs of 20, 40, or 50.

Try Some Artificial Grass With a Porch Potty

If you live in an apartment with no access to the real deal, or when there’s rough weather outside, think about adding a Porch Potty

The typical Porch Potty looks almost like a planter box with artificial grass. You can put it on your balcony or anywhere you want your puppy to go and it makes them feel like they’re outside.

You can opt to buy a small, standard, or premium Porch Potty with the artificial grass it comes with, or you can choose their monthly subscription that brings you real grass to use with your Porch Potty. Porch Potty recommends to use the real grass for a while, then to switch to synthetic grass once your pup gets the hang of it.

Porch Potties feature:

  • Your choice of real or synthetic grass
  • An automatic rinse system
  • A scented hydrant
  • Easy assembly

How to Puppy Proof Your Furniture

Besides accidents, chewing on furniture is probably at the top of the puppy bad behavior list. Luckily, you can save your furniture while your new pup learns the ropes with a few relatively affordable purchases.

Try Covering Your Furniture to Prevent Puppy Mishaps

Saving your furniture from your new puppy can be as easy as furniture covers. One option is the Slip-Resistant Sofa Protector from Gorilla Grip, which comes in a variety of different colors.

This easy-to-clean sofa protector features:

  • A slip-resistant backing to help it stay in place on fabric or leather furniture
  • 1 thick adjustable strap that helps reduce the need for any adjustments
  • Super soft suede, designed for comfort
  • A design suitable for sofas of up to 70 in. in width

Best of all, it’s affordable and comes in options for love seats, chairs, and recliners, too.

Choose Stain-Resistant Furniture

But if you’re starting out from scratch and looking for new furniture ahead of your puppy’s arrival, you may want to consider more durable furniture.

For example, you could choose a couch that features fabric that is easy to clean and resists stains like the Nomad Velvet Sofa from Burrow.

This sofa: 

  • Is stain resistant
  • Won’t pill, fade, or become threadbare

Provide Plenty of Toys To Stop Puppies From Chewing

You’ll want to keep your new puppy entertained, and toys can help to physically and mentally stimulate them. They’re a great but often overlooked part of how to puppy proof your house.

If you want to make sure your pup has lots of toy options, the BarkBox monthly dog goodies for good doggies package is an innovative approach to this problem. As no two dogs are the same, you can opt for a monthly delivery, including a box of products that your puppy will enjoy, from favorite toys to allergy-safe treats.

When you sign up, you’ll receive a box containing:

  • 2 toys
  • 2 bags of treats
  • A favorite chew

You can also customize based on any food sensitivities, style of play, breed, size of puppy, the way that they chew, and more. Subscriptions are available for one, six, or 12 months.

Keep in Touch With Your Puppy When You’re Not There

Another aspect of how to puppy proof your house is watching them whenever you can and correcting bad behavior. So, if you want to check in on your puppy when you’re out and about, consider the Furbo Dog Camera.

This handy pup surveillance tool includes a:

  • 360 degree rotating view
  • Auto dog-tracking capability
  • Feature that sends you real-time alerts and notifies you of emergencies at home
  • Handy device that can toss a treat to your pup
  • 1080p full HD camera with 4X digital zoom

With the camera, you’ll be able to hear and speak to your dog and the device will also alert you in real-time if they start barking. And don’t worry if your pup tends to bark a lot anyway, as you can adjust the sensitivity of the sensor or turn it off altogether.

This camera also has enhanced night vision and will automatically rotate to track the pup as it moves around the room.

Consider Crate Training To Help Puppy Proof Your Home

Though some consider crates controversial, many dog trainers and dog behavioral specialists recommend crate training puppies. Think of the crate as your dog’s room, which they’ll grow to love as their own space they can sleep and relax in.

When done correctly, crate training can help curb accidents and chewing on furniture. So, when thinking about how to puppy proof your house, you may want to consider the Petmate Ultra Vari Kennel, designed to be used as a travel solution and in the home.

This kennel:

  • Is easy to assemble
  • Comes with durable hardware
  • Caters to the dog’s natural “denning” instinct
  • Comes with an easy-to-open, squeeze latch door
  • Has a heavy-duty plastic shell

You can choose from various dimensions according to the size of your puppy, and it’s available in taupe or taupe/black. 

Sometimes the Best Puppy Proofing Solution Is Doggie Daycare

Sometimes instead of asking “how to puppy proof your house” it pays to consider giving your furry friend a happy way to spend the day while you’re at work. 

If this sounds like a good solution for you but you don’t know where to start finding a good daycare near you, check out Dogtopia, which has a range of dog daycare facilities nationwide, staffed with a professionally trained team.

Dogtopia goes the extra mile to ensure that your dog is safe and comfortable with features such as:

  • Floors that are made from compressed rubber to reduce the impact
  • Soundproofing to keep nervous dogs calm
  • Climate controlled environments
  • Surfaces that they disinfect twice daily with dog-sensitive cleaning products

Locate your nearest doggie daycare facility via their helpful app, where you can get more information about pricing, too.

Complete Your New Puppy Checklist Before Your Furry Friend Arrives

Puppies grow up quickly, and you’ll want to enjoy their lively fun as much as possible when they’re still young, while also protecting your home and furniture. 

So to make sure your puppy fits into your lifestyle and not the other way around, consider our tips on how to puppy proof your house, keep your fur baby happy and safe, and improve your relationship with your pet. 

Remember, they may not always realize that they’re doing something wrong, but with a little research and some additional products, you can gently steer them in the right direction.