How to Set Up an At-Home Photo Studio for Your Online Store

Eye-catching, high-quality photos are crucial when it comes to selling products online. Fortunately, you can take striking product photos without an expensive photography class or pricy equipment. Simply taking time to create an at-home photo studio can make sales-boosting images a reality.

From Etsy and Mercari to Shopify and Amazon, beautiful professional photos will help increase sales. Below we detail how to create an at-home photo studio that will make product photography easy.

Set Up Your At-Home Studio With Adequate Lighting

When photographing products, natural light is always ideal. Try to set up your at-home photo studio outside in the early morning, late afternoon, or on overcast days. But if you’re taking photos indoors, be sure to stage your product near a window.

When you can’t get natural light or if you’re shooting a product with fine details, artificial light is going to be your best bet. You’ll want to set up a table (a folding table works best) along with a white background for even lighting. You can purchase a wrinkle-resistant backdrop with a white sweep for less than $70. Or for an extra affordable option, just use a sheet or piece of poster board.

If the lighting in your home isn’t enough, you can always add a ring light or an LED panel. Putting more light in your at-home photo studio will help you create some outstanding product photos.

Use a Tripod For Perfect Framing & Stability

A tripod makes a huge difference in the quality of your product photos, whether you shoot with a standalone camera or a smartphone. Tripods help stabilize your camera and eliminate blurry photos. They range in size and price for literally any style of camera, so you’ll have to do a little bit of research to find the one that’s best for you.

In a recent study, SquareTrade found that most people use smartphones instead of standalone cameras (also known as DSLR cameras, which stands for digital single-lense reflex cameras) for their photography needs. So if you snap exclusively on a smartphone, check out the JOBY models of tripods, which are extremely versatile and affordable.

For professional cameras, the options are nearly endless. However, Neewer tripods are highly rated by photographers.

Give Yourself Enough Space to Shoot From Different Angles

Taking photos from many different angles can help give your customers more information about your product. So, be sure to take multiple shots from a variety of angles and arrange your at-home photo studio with enough space for you to move around. You may be surprised to see what your camera captures from one angle to the next.

Use Simple Props to Show Off Your Product

Of course, when you’re taking photos for your online store, your product should always be the star. But sometimes simple props can really make a photo pop. Keep the props simple, relevant to the main item, and within the same color scheme of the product so they don’t distract.

For example, if you’re selling ceramics, add some faux flowers to show off your vase. If you sell jewelry, lay your pieces on some textured material to add dimension to your photos.

In addition to making the photo look pretty, make sure your props highlight your product’s key features. They can also help convey any messages about your product like its size or how to use it.

Be sure to store your props in one easy-to-reach and organized box to keep your at-home photo studio tidy and free of clutter.

Learn How to Edit Your Photos With Affordable Online Courses

Smartphones already come with some basic photo editing tools. But if you really want to step up your game, invest in a photo editing course.

You can take one of the free photography courses available through Coursera. These classes teach you the fundamental principles of photography, which can help you take better product photos. There are also specific courses on Skillshare that walk you through setting up the perfect Etsy shop.

Your at-home photo studio for your online store doesn’t have to be complicated. All you really need is a dedicated space with a few key gadgets.

The magic is really up to how you shoot the photos. Figuring out how to take product photos can sound daunting at first. But through practice, creativity, and the perfect at-home studio, you’ll be creating remarkable product photos in no time.